Alice underwater

Photographer Elena Kalis - a native of Moscow, but is almost a decade she and her family live in the Bahamas. Most likely, the proximity of the Atlantic inspired her exceptionally creative interpretation of the famous fairy tale by Lewis Carroll. «Alice in Waterland» - that's the exact name of her work, with almost incredible atmosphere transmission. Need I remind you that the pictures in the water - one of the methods most technically difficult to perform. You know, the better I realize that in the realization of this plan has been spent a huge amount of labor and creative imagination. )

PiSi: Perhaps it is the water, or just an optical illusion, but it seems to me that the photographer has managed the best way to convey the atmosphere unsteady space, which is present in the tales of the author. I read about Alice because 12 years, but even then that's how it seemed! )


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