Women's beauty

Female beauty ... Her singing hymns and chanting are at all times, but if you think about it, in all countries it is different. In Russia alone, in Nigeria, is quite different. Anyway beauty loose concept, and if someone likes only French (so to speak "French type of women"), the other for the Indian taste. So what basically beauty in different countries? I propose to look at the sort of identikits average women from around the world and compare their beauty.

Russia, Samoa, South Africa

Finland, France, Germany

Vietnam, China, Hungary

Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico

Thailand Afroamerika Afghanistan

Central Africa, Myanmar, Cambodia

Greece, India, Iran

Ireland, Israel, Italy

Mexico, Latvia / Lithuania, Mongolia

Peru, Poland, Romania

South India, Spain, Sweden

England, Ethiopia, the Philippines

And the average image of a woman which country you like?


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