It's the economy, stupid

Remember that slogan? This is the slogan of the election campaign Clinton. Sounds very nice and politically correct. "It's the economy, stupid».
And in fact nothing to argue. The thing still really in it. Do you know how much it costs the treasury one people's choice? 2039 (two thousand thirty nine) hryvnia per day. This includes the whole package - salary assistants, discount travel and accommodation, stationery. That is, you know. The local doctor at the average salary in 2100 hryvnia per month paid from the same absurdly huge amount of all their overhead expenses - food, accommodation, treatment, and transport. People's Deputy of his ridiculous salary can not do it alone. So he, the poor are going to meet and provide benefits in the form of payment of those costs. Because the servant of the people, exhausted thoughts about the welfare of ordinary citizens, you also need to look the part. That is, to buy branded clothing, footwear and related accessories.
The deputy, for example, because of their status, look bad. This is not the same doctor or teacher. Well, what, monks, the difference, as they look. The main thing to know his business.
Another thing - people's choice. It was he who really do not do anything. Sorry for him. Well, even if only looks impressive. All the same face of the nation, to some extent. Or stomach. Or even what part of the body.
So do not think that life is easy and cloudless deputy. It is full of invisible from the pitfalls of disappointment and tears. Let's spare them, or something. Buy them at the last hryvnia tickets. Yes, let them come to rest. Yes away longer. They need it.
And we, you see, would be easier.


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