15 logical questions in the interview to Google

Become a part of such a giant as Google - is the dream of millions of people. But to get there, not enough to have a lot of experience or five higher education, need to be a person with innovative thinking, good logic and intuition.

< Website publishes the 15 most interesting brainteasers from the list of "140 questions the interview on Google ¬ĽAmerican business coach Lynn Lewis. Questions do not have a clear answer, they determine the level of creativity and logic sobeseduemyh.

  • What song best describes your status at work? < /
  • Your boss comes into your office and says he will give you a million dollars if you now offer a new, original idea for the company. What can he answer?
If you were the provider of pizza, what would you use a pair of scissors, which you have given? How many times a day cross minute and watch the clock? Why tennis ball is covered with villi? List the ways to use the lid from a plastic bottle in an unconventional way. Four a person must go through a suspension bridge at night, to get to his home. They have only one flashlight, a battery which is only enough for 17 minutes. The bridge is too dangerous to move him in the dark without a flashlight, and can withstand the weight of only 2 people. Each of the 4 people move at different speeds: the fastest can cross the bridge in 1 minute, the second - 2, the third - and last for 5 - 10. As for the four can cross the bridge in 17 minutes ? How to break a stick in three places, a triangle you - the captain of a pirate ship and your crew must decide how to divide the loot wealth. If less than half of the pirates do not agree with you, you will die. How do you propose to divide the gold, so you got a big part, but you'll be alive? If the probability is seen passing car on the road for half an hour is equal to 0, 95%, what is the probability to see the car for 10 minutes ? How much do you think a day earns Google thanks to everyone sent the world's letters through Gmail? What in the world of tuning keys for piano? How would you drew up a plan for the evacuation of the city? If you had 10 pencil boxes, how would you use them off-label? How do you explain your 8-year-old nephew in three sentences what a database management system?

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