Pioneer body modification (8 photos)

At the dawn of the modern frikovedeniya when people believed that the only place in the circus freaks for freaks in the US announced a pioneer of body modification, called himself Fakir Mustafar.
The first operation to "improve" his body he had before the war. As a teenager, I do yourself shocking for those times piercing, pierce the skin with needles in different places and at pains to emphasize the strangeness of the physical body. For twenty years Fakir moved to a new level of modification that caused at the time of shock and surprise the audience. The young man removed his lower ribs and her waist narrowed to unimaginable size in diameter. But that was only the beginning of his way ...
In 1954, a young Fakir Mustafar wears a suit with cigarette

1959, in the form of fairy gin

1964, body modification go to the next stage

1965 Implantation relaxing balls on the body

1966, magnets implanted under the skin


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