Woman of the Year

You a gallery of the best hairstyles and makeup in the evening under the sweet name «Glamour Awards» ...

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova as always relaxed. The naturalness makes it different from all the Hollywood beauties who spend several hours at the make-up before going on the red-carpet. Strikingly, but in front of it does not even mascara, lipstick and instead a light lip balm. Eyebrows also in its primordial state of nature, that is not plucked, well, hairstyle simple as five cents. Artificially beauty there is little surprise anyone, but a Russian beauty in the west meet not often, but it seems to me Natasha still is friends with cosmetics (sometimes you need not look cute beauty and gorgeous 30-year-old woman, no way it is when a man -milliardere, three children from the Lord, and the brilliant modeling career).


Kelly Brook

Thin and beautiful facial features Kelly podchёrknul smoky eye makeup and pink lip gloss. It looks tradition bezpretentsiozno well, and styling with the brushed the hair suits her more than any other hairstyle. I understand that at first swallowed Jason Statham (Kelly met with him 7 years) and Billy Zane, with whom Brooke met about 5 years. A beautiful woman, and her figure is very feminine.


Tory DeVito

Paul Wesley Wife Tory DeVito appeared on the premiums from the ordinary and customary laying for her makeup. Nothing new and exciting, but the Tories are aware that for some angles it looks like Angelina Jolie and steam about their own appearance is not so important. The main thing to be smiling, neat and glamorous as bequeathed «Glamour».


Eva Longoria

High tail Eva Longoria chained even more enthusiastic look to her expressive brown eyes. Bright eye make-up (special attention to the eyelashes) + a little lip gloss and mejk Eve ready. She's so beautiful almost always, so this can be considered a make-up "longorievym».


Fearne Cotton

30-year-old (somehow it does not pull the thirty, at least 35 IMHO) TV presenter Fearne Cotton made the classic bob, but the classic makeup shaken, because Cotton made a very interesting make-up color somoni.


Jessica Alba

Charming Jessica Alba example for everyone, but even there it is not the most successful exits. Combed-back hair, I think, not very in tune with its expressive cheekbones (it would be better to dissolve the locks), but to make up no complaints. In short, any scoundrel a make-to-face.


Jessie J

His audacious image of Jesse Jay has not changed even a glamorous party. Powerful Smoky ice and beige lipstick perfectly match each other, but I have even more interesting to see the singer with a slight clearance face. As for hairstyles, the shiny black hair Jesse, I would also be happy to let down.


Kylie Minogue

Kylie also shines as her dress from Stella McCartney. Honey shade of hair it is very suitable, but still I liked the blonde More ...


Kelly Rowland

Small bust Kelly Rowland with make-up and the case does not apply to plump lips the color of caramel, then the eyes and eyebrows rather too peremalёvanny. False eyelashes too curved eyebrows ... but they're just drawn, as its seems thin.


Lily Allen

Lily Allen is now a mom and she waited so long for the kid that absent from it does not want a second. Do not be surprised that the make-up done in a hurry, and that's really cool hairstyle.


Lily Collins

Lily Collins still can not come out of the image of Snow White. Alabaster skin color, lip color and lush lashes cherries certainly already feature Lily and I think it's always worth going (out Dita Von Teese walks and nothing - an icon of style and beauty). Laying a good, very suitable for make-up.


Lea Michele

I will not dissemble - make terrible. At Lea Michele and so are not the big eyes, and now their size is more spoiled and black eyeliner. Not only the eyes, cheeks, and they still managed to make the bag such like in the dressing room 15 minutes Michel tortured "cream" on the nose. Perhaps the worst mejk and hairstyle of all collections.


Naomi Watts

Makeup in peach tones and extraordinary hairstyle chosen for the event Naomi Watts.


Sofia Vergara

One of the favorites of the evening - Sofia Vergara. For almost 40 years, she looks incredibly beautiful and sexy. Hair Sophia - the envy and Colombian makeup restrained this time, but the trend (matte lipstick again gaining popularity).



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