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While in all theaters of the country look and actively discussed after the film "Prometheus" with Charlize Theron in one of the main roles, famous blonde does not leave the screen, because very soon we will see the long-awaited premiere of "Snow White and the Huntsman».

Now life Charlize again entered a phase of performance: she acted in good movies, engaged in social activities, even recently became a mother, but especially the fans liked the fact that the actress finally registered his name in the twitter community. 36-year-old Theron waiting for updates, but it is not personal photos so much (I think it was once, because motherhood - a difficult but very happy state, especially at first). Whatever it was, we take a look at what we have.

Never ceases to amaze women prettier with age, because usually men are becoming more attractive with age, and women are pale, but not in the case of Charlize. At 20 she was a sweet blue-eyed girl, model, and now she stately, magnificent and, again, a very talented actress. Plus she has a cool sense of humor, that is, not everyone ...

Charlize and her son Jackson:


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Charlize with Shakira:


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