The rarest animals

These beings are in some way the celebrities in the world of animals - they are listed as endangered and every individual counts. Portal calls them "the rarest of the rare." In zoos, the animals we will never see, and difficult to photograph them - walking with a camera on the habitats of these lovely creatures are allowed only to representatives of reputable scientific publications, such as National Geographic, and then only infrequently. However, they are hunted not only naturalists. I think it is no secret that there is a fashion for collecting rare and exotic animals. Moneybags pay a fortune so-called "bounty hunters" who deliver them exotic pets. In captivity, these animals if it will live, but their lives will be very bleak. Therefore, I support the US congressmen, who recently proposed to introduce a law to toughen penalties for the capture rare animals ...

The Cuban crocodile. It is found only on a few islands of the Cuban archipelago

Florida bat hatter (Florida Bonneted Bat). Prior to 2002, it was considered at all extinct until a small population was detected naturalists

Green-eyed tree frog. It found only in the jungle of Costa Rica and Panama

Grenada Dove. Souvenirs with his image sold a great variety, and the pigeons themselves were no more than a hundred

Hirola. The graceful African antelope found only in a certain area of ​​the Kenyan savannah

Island fox. The population of these tiny creatures declining rapidly

Madagascar radiated tortoise. Over the past 30 years, their numbers dwindled to a critical number

Sumatriysky orangutan. Boom hunting this bumpkin funny at the same time nearly led to the complete destruction of species

Przewalski's Horse

Porpoise Vakit (guinea pigs do not mix!)

Langur bald. Over the past 40 years, their population umenshinas 98%


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