The use of rare metals in the production of

We present you the photos that demonstrated the materials and products, which are used in the production of rare metals.

Rare metal deposits exists.
Rare metals are always in common with the other fields cheaper metals.
It depicts a copper mine in Zambia.
Rare metals are separated from the crowd by industry.

In the manufacture of computer hard drives, consisting of magnetic metals, inter alia used rare metal neodymium. Neodymium is the first in the list of metals that are in short supply until 2030.

Some researchers argue that the processing of end-of-its hard drive can fill the shortage of neodymium.

In the production of hybrid engine cars such as the Insight and Prius requires neodymium.

Board Computer: indium element is a part of the alloy for soldering. Besides its use as a corrosion inhibitor for layering other metals.

The compound semiconductor blue light-emitting diodes using gallium.

The microchips used as gallium.

Semiconductor compounds of gallium and indium are used in the manufacture of solar cells. Such solar cells are very expensive. Mass production of solar cells could significantly reduce the price of them, however, these two rare metal will be in short supply in the coming years.

Airframe. Aircraft manufacturers began to add scandium aluminum alloys. Previously, it was not practical application. Now scandium will give strength aluminum.

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