The most favorite "Charmed" Witch

On the eve of Halloween television channel CBS has pleased all fans of the supernatural - the channel plan to remove the remake of the series "Charmed." Exactly 15 years have passed since the pilot episode of the TV show, and once again the good witch reborn from the ashes to fight evil. Offer to remember the first part of "Charmed" and see what is now live actress who played witches.

The first series of the television series aired on October 7, 1998 on The WB Television Network, last May 21, 2006. The series lasted 8 seasons and at all times in every confidently leading the rankings. The story about a witch-sisters was interesting not only for teenage girls, but also enjoyed the love housewives (which is not surprising, because every woman is sitting little witch).

Produced by the channel CBS, which owns the rights to the original show, plans to release a remake of the series next year, this time the story will be screwed on the four sisters. It is said that the actress original "Charmed" ambiguous took the news. For example, Rose McGowan in his microblog called the idea of ​​a remake blunt and Alyssa Milano commented on the news in her Twitter: "The problem with the revival of" Charmed "is that it seems that the series ended yesterday. It's too early. "


And, nevertheless, remembering the success of the first "Charmed", it can be assumed that the remake will also interest the audience. Although, of course, everything will depend on the cast.


Prudence (Prue) Halliwell - Shannen Doherty

The oldest of the Halliwell sisters. In the story has the gift of telekinesis. Considered among the most powerful witch Charmed. The show lasted from 1 to 3 season. Was killed by a demon Sheksom (Master assassin).

Shannen Doherty could star in a TV series, and further, if not for her character. By the third season, she managed to quarrel with fellow actresses and the producers of the show. However, rail while working on the series has twice been nominated for the award "Saturn" for "Best Actress genre" for his role Prue. In 2007, AOL resource Prue included in the list of "The 10 Greatest witches in television history».

In a career Shannen Doherty had two great moments - first, when she starred in "Beverly Hills 90210". The second was associated with "Charmed." In autumn 2008, the actress returns to the role of Brenda Walsh in the spin-off "90210". Bosses channel The CW paid actress at $ 40-50 thousand for participation in each of the eight episodes of the first season. Whether she will return to television screens in the new "Charmed" time will tell.

Piper Halliwell - Holly Marie Combs

The second sister Halliwell. Knows how to freeze objects and time, and later learned to blow up unwanted things and demons. Best brews a potion of the sisters. The show lasted all seasons, during which time to marry her Guardian Leo and bear him two sons.

For the role of Holly Marie Combs Piper became the star of his career. By the way, she initially auditioned for the role of Prue Halliwell, but still played second sister. While working on the series Holly was promoted in the fifth season of the TV show became a producer.

After "Charmed" Holly's career has not gone up the mountain. She tried to act in the series for the channel Lifetime «Mistress," but it was closed due to poor ratings. In 2010, Combs got a role in a serial channel ABC Family «Pretty Little Liars," which starred so far.

Phoebe Halliwell - Alyssa Milano

Was the youngest of the sisters Halliwell up to 4 seasons. Sees the future holds and levitation. Comes up with the best spells. In the story falls in love with a demon Cole and marries him. However, Well good and evil are not compatible, but because marriage fails. At the time, Phoebe disappointed in love, until he meets Kupa-cupid that meets her affection. By the end of the series Phoebe turns mother of three daughters.

Alyssa is known not only as an actress but as a singer, with great fame as a musician she received in Japan. Alyssa perfectly showed itself during the show, so it continues to be invited to the shooting of various shows to this day.


By the way, she, together with Holly Marie Combs owns a line of lingerie. Alyssa Milano is now busy with the shooting of the American TV series "Mistresses" on TV channel ABC.




Paige Matthews - Rose McGowan

Summary and youngest sister Charmed. Appears in season 4 and remains in the series until its finale. Paige half witch half-Keeper. Able to treat, move objects and navigate itself. By the end of the show to arrange his personal life with mere mortals - a police officer Henry and bore a son and twin girls.


Rose McGowan is quite sought after actresses not only on TV, but in a big movie. Worth at least her character from "Planet of fear." In the 90's it was in the media in connection with his affair with Marilyn Manson, who, though only lasted 2 years.

Now Rose is also actively removed and stands face of many advertising campaigns, despite not entirely successful reconstruction plastic surgery after a car accident in 2007.


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