Steve Erhard

The topic of plastic surgery is not just touched on our site. Here for example here you can read about our compatriot, who set a goal to look like a cartoon character. But many Western fans of plastic surgery can not only PR on its operations, but also to make good on it. Steve Earhart - known celebrity stylist (analogue of our Sergei Zverev and appearance and manners), which made a total of 47 plastic surgeries, some of which are considered to be exclusively female (lip augmentation, for example).

Due to its unusual appearance Earhart became a popular personality different "kitchen" TV show, and quickly found out about it the whole Hollywood. The bulk of the clientele Earhart - older celebrities who want blood from his nose to look beautiful. However, it's not about them, and about the unusual hobby Steve - a permanent change in their appearance. According to his confession, it all started with holes on his chin, he decided to do, to look sexier. Now for the eyes and the often called a living directly Erhart Ken (I think everyone knows who is Ken - Barbie's boyfriend). Steve Ken is offended and feels very comfortable in his image

By the way, your real age Earhart stores as Kashchei his death - for seven locks. Only a narrow circle of initiates know how many years is now Steve. A lively young Ken looked

Earhart childhood

Steve Earhart is pleased to participate in various TV projects, which address the topic of plastic surgery. He was even a guest of Andrey Malakhov (though, in the studio, "Let them talk," Steve did not appear, but spoke with him via teleconference). Quite an interesting issue. Interview with Steve begins somewhere in the 25 minute

But Steve's customers seem to hesitate to communicate with its lively Ken, Steve, or simply did not have time to do many common images on the page as a stylist to MySpace zafotoshoplennyh a bunch of pictures, where Steve "attached" to various celebrities


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