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Particularly severe Germans do not play golf on the grass and on rooftops. But the most-most homeowners prefer building breweries. This man apparently appreciates drink produced here, and therefore does not depart from the brewery «Johannes Aisele» single step.

The people of Egypt have nothing surprised. Now Penates in their new event - the train derailed. As a result of the incident injured at least 15 people, and that the perpetrators are people too. It is reported that the accident occurred due to the fault of another passenger train, which a few minutes before the crash stopped at the train station to skip the fast composition. Passengers on the train to protest the Stop decided to quietly put in the way of cutting sleepers have become, according to the majority, the cause of this tragedy.

View of the Nigerian village Fabe more eloquent than any words. In Nigeria live much worse than ours, where constantly complaining about this and that but about ...

In Greenland, spotted a huge iceberg, which is about twice the size of Manhattan Island.

Philippine jail: prisoner removed teeth. The rest also offers free admission to the dentist.

The latest collection of Louis Vuitton glasses entered the Chinese shops.

South African amputee athlete Oscar Pistorius, is preparing for the Paralympic Games in London, which will be held from 29 August to 9 September this year.

Abnormal summer heat has reached the United States. Horses rescued from certain death by fans.

Security in the United States "dangerous." Female guards up the escalator at the newly opened Market «CityTarget».

A fire in 1200 destroyed the Spanish hectares.


Nasa Indians attacked a Colombian military near Toyribio. Attempts were in vain to calm them down.

18 of NATO fuel tankers destroyed on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In Portugal, as in Spain, burning forests ...

Beijing introduced a model aircraft carrier, created from the purest gold.

The case of Steve Jobs is booming. A few days ago in Shanghai (China) started selling the new iPad.

This chubby man is none other than Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, who must state $ 2 million for tax evasion ...

... But it seems to be interesting to watch the cats, than to make money.

Known striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic signed a three-year contract with French club Paris Saint-Germain. By the way, he became the highest paid player in the championship of France, as the his annual salary of 12 million euros (not including the various bonuses).

Spaceship "Enterprise" was towed to the New York museum.

24-year-old James Holmes Denver armed to the teeth, shot 12 and wounded 59 people at the premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" in his hometown. Police detained a criminal, but he said only that he - Joker and came to revenge that led me to the police thought that Holmes insane. He fired indiscriminately and among the victims there are even three-month child. God, how terrible to live ...


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