Jamie Campbell Bower

I sit here and think - how we ever lived without love teen franchises? After all, it was a romantic fantasy and to "Twilight" - "The Cave of the Golden Rose," for example, but indiscriminate fanaticism and closely observed. It would not have blamed the "Twilight", but should accept that in its own way, they have become the standard love story with "otherworldly" flavor. "Vampire Diaries," "True Blood" and other large projects for teenage audiences, such as "The Hunger Games" were already then.

What is the reason for such great popularity of "Twilight of history"? It is clear as day - there is a VERY BEAUTIFUL protagonist! Cutie, lapuska, nyashechka etc - girls of school age are crazy if the movie has at least one such handsome. In this case, the main character could look a little more beautiful than a toad - it does not matter, the main thing - a nice guy. And very soon the film industry will issue to the surface of the new Edward Cullen, noble and handsome hero. This is a new franchise for a series of teenage fantasy "Shadowhunters" (parallel name - "instruments of death"), British author Cassandra Clare, the first of which is called the "City of Bones". The main male character - a young hunter of evil named Jace Wayland. It will play a British actor with a slightly androgynous appearance, Jamie Campbell Bower, who once worked as a model

To some this may seem like the boy well, too cute. I agree, the brutality of it is not blowing. But here it is worth noting that Bauer endorsed the candidacy author Cassandra Clare, which before had written "Shadowhunters" quite successfully rivet fanfiction World of Harry Potter, and not just fanfiction, and slash (who do not know, slash - this kind of fanfiction, describing relations between men). Her large-scale work - the trilogy "Draco" so pleased fans of this particular genre, its even released as a book (that fanfiction is a great honor). I read "Shadowhunters" and one eye looked into "Draco," and I can say that the style of Cassandra Clare at height - she writes colorful and easy to read. But still read stories in which Draco Malfoy apologize for details "love" in all positions, even if it beautifully described, somehow does not appeal.

So, on the slash. Hero Jamie Kepmbella Bauer, Jace Wayland in the "City of Bones" - a typical example of slash-object. His delicate features, long blond hair, eyes, where you can get lost ... girl of fourteen he seems almost divinely beautiful. By the way, first Weiland was to play Alex Pettyfer, who looks a little more manly than Bauer, but then he gave his resignation

Himself Jamie Campbell Bower - no stranger to the film industry. He is 23 years old and had to be lighted in a pile of high-profile projects (in the same "Twilight" - Kai played in "Harry Potter" - young Grindelwald, in an epic series "Camelot" played King Arthur). Personal zhiz Jamie also not boring: he had a long meeting with Bonnie Raitt, almost married her, but then for some reason the guys ran away). Now there are rumors that Bauer meets with a colleague on the "City of Bones" Lily Collins (recently in our "Star Chronicles" were their joint photo)

However, the central character of the series (more precisely, the first part, because not all planned out yet) is a girl named Clary Fray. Since I have not read all the books in the series, but only "City of Bones", do not know who it will be there at the end, but the love affair will be. So far, the contenders for the heart Clary two - Jays and one girl named Simon (he in love with her on the ears, but the Clary sees him only as a friend). In the film, Lily Collins will play Clary, Simon - Robert Shien

The book itself "City of Bones" is not a love story in the style of fantasy. This is the most that have good make urban fantasy, which will not only vampires, but demons, mermaids, magicians, etc. etc. And love stories are only slightly marked. But we know how to remove the mystical movies and TV shows - everything is tied to love, without this audience will not entice. If you have not read "City of Bones" - I advise you to read, the story is pretty good, though nothing new in it. As for the movie, he will not soon - in August next year. Then let's see whether this story will be the second "Twilight┬╗


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