Images of Jessica Alba

Street style of Jessica Alba:

In the abundance of neon colors there is nothing wrong, and Jessica are not obsessed, so something in the form of a puzzle converged - Alba put several things with neon colors and thus managed to maintain a balance. Vyshёl good way of working women, hurrying in his Los Angeles office.

Streetstyle Jessica is good especially the fact that all the bows can be repeated. For example, to find a set of pistachio color and supplement it with colorful glasses and sandals will not be difficult.

Jessica believes that in the summer wardrobe of every fashionista should dress shirt gentle shade. With this you can not argue, especially when it comes to dress in a cage, which is considered print №1 in the whole world.

Elegant woman in elegant clothes. To what do not undermine this from Jessica, and!

The pastel and neon colors blended together. This catches the eye and for the courage Jess just a plus, and that in fact, some just do that go to a boring black or gray.

Great bow for a cool day or: podvёrnutye jeans-boyfriends and fun surround a sweater.

Colored jeans are very good replacement of standard denim. Peach Jeans Alba precisely: the color is nice and sit very well (at least in the bottom for sure).

A more subdued tone, and you are almost merged with the crowd. In high suede boots and a brown striped jersey Alba looks simple but neat and nice.

This casual for me, so this would put the onion in second place in the individual rankings after the fourth ensemble.

Very cozy, warm and practical way: young mum Jessica oversayz sweater and a felt hat.

Flowered dress well with rough denim jacket. It's no news, because these dresses are very picky and they particularly something for nothing more and did not pick up (by themselves they frankly do not shine). Shoes do not like it, but the rest of the image of Miss Alba is good.

Everything is so simple and at the same time as the right! Plain black blouse perfectly came to light ragged jeans, which have become the image chip, along with a bag.

Red carpet style of Jessica Alba:

Jessica Chanel Couture show. Dress some weird (not the size of what?), And the boots are too rough. This IMHO, for more and do not pretend.

"Modest Queen" dress in Prada.

Brilliant mini dress Balmain was ever in the subject at the premiere of "Machete».

Jessica in the "puppet" Dress Christian Dior at Paris Fashion Week.

Dress gorgeous, even ragged hem and the good. Alba Dolce & Gabbana could not get into this list.

Often she would do such a hair and prices it would not be. As for the dress, it is very interesting. By the way, the dress Valentino Couture, and he is not a bad offer.

Blue and orange. Jess knows what "seasoning" is best suitable to black.

Pale purple Gucci Dress the actress opted for one of the "Golden Globe».

I remember that once the bow hit the rating of the best versions of «Marie Claire». There are for that: dress Ferragamo Jessica really refreshed.


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