Ten of the best works

Young photographers are extremely talented. This is evidenced by the countless works, which they share with us constantly. Watching some of them can be traced to the professional growth and extraordinary craftsmanship. Their innate ability coupled with undying passion for photography show incredible results.

"Storm clouds over" 25-year-old Brooke Shady

Today we want to present to the ten best young photographers who are not afraid to be open and vulnerable. Their willingness to push the boundaries of their creativity in finding his own handwriting inspire both themselves and the audience. These ten amateurs are those for whom you want to keep watching.

"Alone with a" 19-year-old Brian Oldhem

"Imaginary Friend", 20-year-old Alexis Mayer

Untitled, 20-year-old Kyle Thompson

"Marcus," 20-year-old Marwan Pallas

"Do not wake me," 24-year-old Robby Cavanaugh

"Keepers", 19-year-old Nicholas Skarpitano

"Carpe Diem", 19-year-old Alex Stoddard

"Slow immersion", 19-year-old Markus Mueller

"Perfect weather," 19-year-old David Talley


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