Forgotten Soviet nuclear lighthouses (10 photos)

I propose to learn about the origin of nuclear lighthouses that have emerged during the Soviet era.
North Beach was the shortest route for Russian ships, but because while there was no gps, and the polar night lasted a hundred days, it was very difficult to navigate.
The party ordered to build a network of beacons, which worked on nuclear energy and were completely autonomous.

Lighthouses were built in order to steer the ship in the right direction in the permanent darkness of the Arctic. These beacons were to be completely independent, because there were thousands of kilometers away from the nearest populated area. After we have discussed various ideas for the automation of lighthouses no longer care without long refueling, it was decided to use atomic energy to power lighthouses.

In a limited number have been set up radioisotope batteries that are delivered to the North Pole to be installed on lighthouses. They could run for years without human intervention

Beacon signals sent ships passing by when you need to include a light beam, depending on weather conditions. This helped to choose the right course of ships

In the photo are the same radioactive batteries which feed the atomic beacon

After the collapse of the Soviet Union's nuclear lighthouses still working ability to make some time, but then the resource was ischerapan, and they have become beacons ghost.

Marauders pulled down all that is possible to make out, all metal design, all that was inside the lighthouse. Reached even own nuclear batteries are not scared even the high radioactivity

These photos were taken during a trip to one of these lighthouses, closest to the territory of Russia. Apparently, the lighthouse is still someone was constantly on the photo we see the log when full, as well as a bathroom. Probably, there was a man who coordinated the work of all other lighthouses

The huge lantern lighthouse whose light was visible for many kilometers



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