The Americans crossed the border of the USSR (4 photos)

Few people know that the October 8, 1950, two fighter-bomber Air Force crossed the border and attacked the Soviet Union for military airstrip Dry river.
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June 25, 1950. It started the military conflict between North and South Korea. On the side of North Korea fought volunteer units from China, financial support and supply of weapons and military advisers assisted the USSR. The composition of the group of South Korea were Americans, the United Kingdom and several other countries that were part of the UN peacekeeping forces.

Although officially the Soviet Union in the fighting did not participate, but not without clashes.

June 26, 1950. South Korean ship was shelled was part of the 5th Navy ship "Plastun", causing the death of the commander of the vessel captain Lieutenant Kolesnikov. Part of the crew was injured. The enemy moved only after having been fired back.

September 4, 1950. Far to the port approached an unidentified destroyer. The air was raised reconnaissance aircraft A-20ZH, accompanied by two destroyers. When approaching the target of their attack on 11 US fighters. A 20ZH was shot down and crashed into the sea. The crew was killed.

October 8, 1950. It was Sunday. Residents of nearby villages rested on the sea, airstrip Dry river lived the routine of the day. To carry out the exercises on it relocated aerial spotters Po-2 and piston fighters "Kingkobry." There are about 20 aircraft, which stood near the runway slim line.

At five o'clock in the evening quiet peaceful sky ripped the sound of jet engines. Two American fighter-bomber "Lockheed» F-80C and passed over the airfield, making combat turn, attacked the aircraft standing on the ground. One of the aircraft was burned completely, and seven were injured. According to official data, there were no human casualties.
Chase jets to piston fighter was unreal.

October 9 the Soviet Union presented to the UN official note of protest. The Soviet Government was deeply concerned. I could not understand - or is it the beginning of World War III, or pilot error.

October 20, US President Harry Truman, speaking at the United Nations, the United States pleaded guilty and expressed regret that the US armed forces were zameshennymi in the incident in violation of the border of the USSR and Soviet damaging property. He said that the commander of the regiment fired and pilots passed before the military tribunal.

Despite the fact that the incident seemed to be exhausted, it was immediately relocated from Moscow to the Far East 303rd Air Division, which had in its composition jet "MiG-15." The troops entered combat duty. The situation was worrying in parts.

According to the former pilot 821 th Aviation Regiment V. Zabelin, no error could not be. The Americans have been wonderful to see, where to fly, and that bomb. This was a clear provocation. Zabelin and remembered that, as the commander of Fighter Regiment Colonel Savelyev and his deputy Lieutenant Colonel Vinogradov after the bombing put on trial and demoted. For that failed to repel the Americans.

The Americans continued to defend the version of pilot error until 1990. One of the pilots bombed the Soviet airfield Oulton Kvonbek argued that the culprit was the low clouds and strong winds.

According to the commander at that time, the 64th Aviation Corps, the late Lieutenant-General George Lobova, no low clouds over the airfield Dry river was not. On the other hand, the day was sunny and cloudless. There could be no question of the loss of the American orientation. If the Americans made a mistake and lost orientation, it is their mistake, they should have understood even while approaching the Pacific coast. In his outline. Instills doubt in error and a further track record Alton Kvonbeka. He was very successful. Most likely, the bombing was carried out deliberately, and the incident was pure provocation by the United States.

Of course, the seven planes for the superpower is not a great loss. Victims were not. If
believe the official statement. Only then it is unclear where it came from in the Khasan district of Primorye Territory monument under the number 106, which is listed as "brotherly nameless grave of pilots killed in repelling American bombers in 1950." It is located near the village of Perevoznoye. This former military town of Dry River.



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