Top bombers of the twentieth century (10 pics + text)

American Military Channel television continues to publish the ratings of the most effective weapons, which was invented by a man in the XX century. Earlier television published the rating of the best small arms, the best tanks of the last century and the best helicopter.
At this time, the American and British military experts were asked to assess bomber planes. Evaluation takeaway on criteria such as "carrying capacity", "agility", "speed" and others. This stipulates that each aircraft was compared with others, and evaluated on the basis of the technical requirements of their time.

10. Boeing B-17 - «Flying Fortress» («Flying Fortress»)

In 1937, the airline's Boeing built the first American all-metal heavy bomber with four engines, which immediately became a legend. Armed with machine guns 13th, B-17 undermined the Nazi war machine by attacking the most protected targets in occupied Europe. Bringing unprecedented loss of young American pilots made these aircraft to 1,000 sorties a day.

9. Handley Page 0/100

By the beginning of World War I aircraft construction marked only 10 years, but the technology has evolved at a furious pace. The first heavy bomber Great Britain, HP 0/100 was used to protect London from the Germans in the "Battle of Britain". Equipped with two engines from the factory Rolls Royce, bomber coped with its task with extraordinary ease.

8. Junkers Ju-88

Many experts pointed out that this is the most important German bomber during World War II. It was used on all the front lines with no exceptions. Versatile layout possible to combine multiple functions into a bomber. He was heavier than some of his fellow countrymen, but even so, was the fastest in the Nazi army. Armed with seven machine guns, the aircraft was a real threat to the opponents.

7. Tu-95 - "Nuclear Bear»

This huge Soviet bomber nicknamed "Bear" has been designed to deliver four atomic bombs on the American continent. It was shown in 1955 at an air show in Moscow. American designers immediately realized that Russia is behind the construction of bombers. Nevertheless, "The Bear" was the highest achievement in the Soviet Air Force, but still possessed considerable strength and for three decades has been the main threat to the West.

6. Boeing B-47 - «Stratojet»

When, in 1947, the B-47 first flew, were pleased with the project only a few people from Boeing and the US Air Force. To create the wings of the aircraft used an unusual technique, borrowed from the Nazis. In addition, the aircraft was a strange three-wheeled chassis, looking at that, many military decided that life is limited to the aircraft test flight.

But by the middle of 1948 it became clear that the plane was far superior to his contemporaries. He set a speed record after another, and for several years was the main fighting force of the Strategic Air Command. Then these aircraft built more than two thousand. B-47 served as a deterrent against nuclear attack beginning in the early years of the Cold War.

5. Avro Lancaster - «Lancaster»

The most famous British heavy bomber of the Second World War. Its load capacity is significant - 10 tons. "Lancaster" attacked German cities, participated in various special operations, and was a favorite of the British aircraft commanders. However, the success of the bomber had to pay the life of many crew members who died during the war.

4. De Havilland Mosquito - «Mosquito»

Dubbed the "wooden wonder", a twin-engine bomber "Mosquito" was a versatile aircraft used during World War II. He was perhaps also the fastest - could beat any opponent, because he was not wearing heavy protection. Carrying capacity models - a little less than a ton (later upgraded to two tons). Thanks to the wooden case, the plane was almost invisible to radar. By the end of the world in the world were about forty different versions of this bizarre aircraft.

3. Boeing B-29 - «Super Fortress» («Flying Superfortress»)

"Hero" of the Second World War. He is best known as a member of the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The flight range of bombers without refueling - 5600 kilometers. The maximum speed - 570 km / h. He could also deliver huge loads, and was armed with 12 guns. For its time, the plane was very "advanced". An example of this could be a special aerodynamic fuselage and cockpit - impenetrable to bullets.

2. Northrup Grumman B-2 - «Stealth»

The product is the most advanced technology. Coated with a special compound and secret ink, it is almost invisible to radar. B-2 is most often confused with UFOs. Based in the United States, but given the opportunity to refuel, can hit any target anywhere in the world. The cost of it is also unique - each aircraft is estimated at 2, $ 2 billion.

1. Boeing B-52 - «Stratofortress»

Maximum speed - more than a thousand km / h, range without refueling - 12800 km, capacity - three and a half tons. This American - clearly the most lethal bomber in the world. This "castle" can also carry nuclear weapons, cruise missiles and bombs point. The aircraft played a significant role during the Cold War, the Americans used it for an attack on Vietnam. During the recent fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, he was also very successful hit enemy targets. Despite the fact that it is built on the technology of the 50s, B-52 is likely to serve his country even forty years.

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