PR vs. Talent

True story about how talent is not converged with the nature of public relations.

Lady Gaga.
Queen of all the crazy Gaga; it can only beat our native Jeanne Aguzarova - but alas, it is on the way to Mars and is not available to earthlings. Honestly at the beginning Stefani Germanotta (namely the so-named queen of shocking and inadequate) I loved her song "Poker Face" ... but what happened then as a meteorite on Chelyabinsk no one could predict. Meat dress, fall out outside genitals whether the hermaphrodite man ... and all this flavored kitsch clips. I feel sorry for her, because she has not established herself as famous image makers. That millions of rowing on behalf of Gaga. Well ... Who's the real girl named Stephanie, we will never know. Great was the beginning - vulgarization and lowered to the plinth.

Nicki Minaj.
Immediately obvious that PR Gaga and worked here. If the world decided that Madonna is the queen of pop princess Britney Spears as well. What in the world of public relations and glamorous degradation has its self-proclaimed kings and queens. Nicky, or sings well, or well-twists its super-hyper-ass but what she is trying to outdo the outrageous Gaga funny to colic in the abdomen. But the most ridiculous is a mockery of the saints. This is changing in the Virgin Mary ... I remember when she arrived on the arm of "Dad" on the Grammy Awards? If she had lived during the Inquisition, I would first threw the torch into the fire - the world would become a cleaner, and would not have lost.

Yes, one of the most popular and beloved singers in the world - now the only product PR. No need to shout, to justify - but that it promotes their behavior and lifestyle of minors - alas forever Rea struck from the list of my favorite singers. This is the beginning of creation, she was so feminine and delicate, such caressing gaze girl who not only look but also pleases the ear. And now - vulgar behavior on camera, ridiculous attempts again "love" Chris Brown - smoking, drugs, etc., etc. ... children find their idols - and now it's Rihanna. A pity, because there are more worthy. I hope she will think again - I miss her songs in the style of Unfaithful ...

Ke $ sha.
When a couple of years ago, only deaf and dumb not sang songs about «Tick tock, on the clock ...», then it all seemed pereklinilo and dull melodies like "tyts tyts tyts" began to dominate in all compositions of this singer. This lively, young, bold: Kesha has always been of interest, and where is she now? Where hits? Alas, it has become a hostage of his same PR - probably run out of ideas as "conquer the world" and only now can walk the ceremonies and silently envy that this time the cherished statuette flew past ... but the beginning was promising !!!

Justin Bieber.
Pryntsa pop music, the Internet "icon", the guy Selena Gomez ... and a lot of what that ridiculous "titles».
Lord - I am not against Bieber songs ... sometimes even listen to his "baby, baby ... oooo ...", but this guy does not pull on the crazy "glory" which shouts about it all the slots. Average, primitive, boring ... boy imagines himself a man ... let's see what will come out of it after 5 years - and yet he was just "talent" - in quotes just in case .... 17,451,966

- To be continued ... next time for these artists, who in my opinion is really worth as well as fame and attention. In the meantime, let the Lord keep me from the wrath of fans of all these artists.


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