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Michael Jackson - iconic person in show business. To imitate him and beginners and experienced artists - some directly copies the elements of his style of stage, someone takes only individual motives and reworks them for yourself. In general, the King of Pop is an inspiration to many. But offhand call it the main distinctive features are not so simple, usually comes to mind only moonwalk yes bleached skin. Propose to recall what other elements of the style of the late King were the most significant

Psychedelic prints. Jackson began to use them as a distinctive element of stage wardrobe since 13 years

Sequins. Costumes, studded with them, have become the hallmark of Michael since 1979

Red leather jacket. Michael appeared for the first time in her 1983 video Beat It, and quickly became a cult thing. Later, Jackson picked up similar to film in the legendary music video Thriller

White gloves with sequins, which were sold at auction for a fabulous sum. Were one of the favorite scene of Michael accessories. He first appeared in them at the concert in Los Angeles in 1984

Zippers, buckles and chains. The apotheosis of the "metal" style clip Jackson is Bad

Classic white dress in the style of Fred Astaire. Its new image, which he later used for a long time, King demonstrated in the video 1988 Smooth Criminal

Futuristic latex suit. Was demonstrated in Together with sister Janet video 1995 Scream

Metal suit. Certainly act knee and elbow pads let out a light, but the metal was not easy, but the show was spectacular

Catwalk style. In the last years of his life, Michael often copied podium images or their components. For example, this T-shirt and blazer from Givenchy


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