Changed the way of life

Briton Lola Adeoe completely changed their way of life and proved that after 40-life is just beginning.

She stopped eating fast food, became involved in sports and become a Cinderella.

Became involved in bodybuilding competitions, and then managed to become a fitness trainer.


43-year-old Lola previously weighed 95 kilograms. She was forced to take control of their weight after being hit in the hospital. "I was in the hospital with gallstones and found out that I need surgery to remove it - says Lola. - At the preoperative consultation, I was asked to stand on the scales. When I saw that weigh 95 pounds, I was humiliated! The doctor looked at me and said, "Do not worry, we will refund you back to french fries as soon as possible." I was so embarrassed, but it was a good motivation for what you need something urgently to change! »

Lola promised myself to start using a gym, where she has been for many years, and within two weeks after the operation finally came to his first lesson. Woman completely abandoned her former unhealthy lifestyle and became involved in bodybuilding. And last year, losing 45 pounds, 43-year-old Lola for the first time participated in a bodybuilding competition. "I can not believe how much my life has changed. I refused to eat takeaway every night to go to the hall six times a week. I feel so much healthier, and I love to compete ».

She spent in the gym so much time that soon even began to teach by teaching people the basics of fitness and healthy eating.

"When I tell my students how thick I was before, they do not believe me. They can not find me in the photos, and shocked that I lost so much weight. But I'm living proof that anything is possible, and I'm so proud when I see people who have used me as an example! »



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