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"Otolyutsya cat Myshkin slёzki" - so we could start the story of Jennifer Aniston, which literally suffered their happiness. Her life has been a lot of ups, but even more - downs, closely related to their personal lives. We all remember (and probably will never forget), as events unfolded in 2005 when Brad Pitt left his family and gone over to Angelina Jolie. Naturally, Jennifer suffered postaradala, but for a long time did not lose heart. She began actively removed and became even more popular than before. Work "cure" her sick love, and after only a couple of years she has found happiness in the face of Justin Theroux, which in the near future they plan to play a lavish wedding. In general, all her wonderful and, says Matthew Perry, there is no one on this fragile and beautiful woman is not capable.

Earth is round, but it is impossible to not be happy for Jen, so it is impossible not to sympathize with the family of Pitt-Jolie, which is much more global problem (recently told Brad that he suffered a serious brain disease and he was very hard to remember the faces of the people, and that was Angie everything we already know). In the words of Leo Tolstoy "All happy families are happy alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way».

"We need to think less - to live more»

"I love to talk, rather than fight. I'm not cut out for conflicts. I usually have enough of what I have. I probably why so many years and doing yoga. It is unthinkable without peace, without horizontal »

"I strongly advise: count only on themselves. But if you offer help - take »

"Do not build reinforced concrete plans. Always assume that circumstances can change »

"You know, when I realize that the years go by? When I look at the 20-year-old girls and actresses of the new generation and I think: "We're kind of the same age?". You just can not see myself. Or when the offer to play the mother of 17-year-old indignant: "I still is not age!" And then you realize that in fact very yes. And so I do not feel my age and still consider myself young »

"Early career all does not come easy. I do not remember a case that someone came to audition without a single work behind and immediately everyone liked. In the movie, constantly have something to someone to prove »

"In my childhood and early youth, I dreamed not about to be known, but above all about how to be happy»

"I know it sounds weird, but I like my mistakes. It makes me move on »

"When my parents divorced, I was insanely hard, I cried, I just wanted to hide in a corner and did not communicate. And when I was playing a role, the pain disappeared and I switched to a different emotion. But the pain has made me much more sensitive and at work, and in relation to people. And gradually I learned to live with it »

"I learned that it is possible to overcome suffering. It does not kill. It's incredible how people are hardy »

"Now do not the easiest time. All of us, both women and men are under the pressure of public opinion: how much you have extra pounds? And how many wrinkles? So it's not for me to judge those who do not withstand this pressure and appealed for help to specialists. I can only say one thing: not always the result of the operation is good. I know many women who have made them a plastic and aged at least ten years! »

"I do not deplete yourself and eat when I want to. I do yoga and other various physical exercises. I try every day to do something, even if it is 20 minutes, but that the body receives the load. This gives a nice boost of energy for the whole day »

"We women are constantly complain that men have become spoiled and do not do anything for the development of relations. But, in fact, we are spoiled them, because instinctively put ourselves in the role of hostess and manages all. A relationship - it is always a partnership where all the issues we need to discuss, to talk about their desires and not just expect that your partner will read your thoughts »

"To live together - so be prepared for the fact that your relationship will be constantly changing. You will need more effort to cope with the awkward moment ... You can be too different, and then your tracks diverge ... Or, conversely, will stay together ... How to get »

"I am fascinated by the mystery of the process of making a film, everything that happens from the moment when the shooting starts, and to moments when you see the result. This magical! »

"My parents convinced me that I - the best there is in Hollywood»

"I really like in the movies, it's a completely different experience, not the same as that in the series. The film was withdrawn a year, and it's just like in school: you go on your summer vacation, you come back, and ahead already premiered. After each shooting if you become a year older, and you there is a new family and many friends. Shooting, which I most remember - this is a movie "Marley and Me" is the best movie in my experience »

"Such relations or relations, such as those that develop your dog, no parents, no friends or with partners or lovers. It's so nice to have someone who immediately runs to meet you and kisses you and bounces to you when you open the door. They get so excited. And all this for food and love »

"Since my childhood I love messing around in the garden, plant flowers. In all the houses where I lived, I had my own rose garden. Very simple things such as a garden, for example, makes me happy! »

"40 years - perfect age. My God, my thirty flew. But forty I like even more! »

"When one day after the release of the first two episodes of" Friends ", I suddenly noticed a man with a camera that was behind me two kilometers to the nearest pharmacy, where the hell am I bought toilet paper ... Then I realized, not without fear, though: my life has changed - became part of the show ... »

"Many people believe that the paparazzi - the flip side of fame and this must be reconciled. But I did not sign the agreement by which outsiders can invade my home and in my life »

"We all tend to be in a relationship too demanding. Yes, and on his own account, we are not sure - do not believe us, such as we are, can appreciate. And cooperation, dialogue between us. Because of laziness. Because of the route taken by some settings »

"Where would you be without friends? Where would you be without the people who raised you on your feet when you can not stand? As we know, I and many of my friends, we came from families who were far from ideal, so you almost a parent and a brother / sister to your friends and vice versa. You have chosen your own family. There is nothing better than a really loyal reliable and a good friend. Nothing »

"I think we've become very careful and very demanding. Men and women today are too much to expect from each other. This continuous stress: whether you're talking and you're disciplined enough, good enough? Previously, it was easier. And in fact, do not expose all the criticism, you need to be more open in the relationship and be able to adapt »

"I think that more and more women are realizing they do not need to live with a man to have a child. They know that when the time comes to motherhood, they will be able to implement it with a man or not. Now people do not have children at 20, so that times have changed. And it is great that we have more options than in older women. At the time, the only solution was to adopt »

"I am not able to respond to all that is said and written about me in the press. The only thing that I can - comfortable about how people perceive me and my life. Although, I admit, I disliked tabloids created the image of "poor thing Jen is so unhappy in love." I myself believe that love and personal life in general I was very lucky. And even if now I do not fit into the usual model for society "husband, two children and a house in the wilderness," it's my life and I'm absolutely happy with it! And if someone has other ideas about happiness, better to let take care of their own. I'm exactly where and should be »

"Men and women make so many strange things, so many mistakes! But the main thing - to admit that you want to love »

"I think that at the end of any relationship - romantic, friendship, relationships at work - should always be a sense of a point of clarity. Need to know why there was a break, and then you can with a pure heart to move forward to the next stage of life »

"Love - a relative term. Today love with me, and tomorrow look: already at Angelina Jolie »


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