Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston) presented their spirits in Mexico

The well-known American actress "hit" in advertising. She first starred in a commercial water Glacéau SmartWater, and now organized a promotion of its fragrance called Lolavie.

Spirits were released last year, but apparently no sales were very high, so Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston) has decided to promote them more aggressively. While we can only guess, and indeed it may be the realization of a coherent plan for promotion. Currently Lolavie can only be purchased from online stores and convenience stores UK for about $ 60. At the end of the month the product appears on the shelves of American stores. In a presentation at St. Regis Hotel Jen wore a dress by Valentino from the latest spring collection. At the end of photoset look funny viral video Glacéau SmartWater with Jane in the title role. Advertising has turned out so-so, but the video itself look nice.


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