Jennifer Aniston presented their spirits

Today, the main department store Harrods in London started selling perfumes created by popular actress Jennifer Aniston. At the last moment we decided to change the name of the fragrance. Initially it was reported that the new product will be called Lolavie. The presentation revealed that the spirits are called simple and unpretentious - Jennifer Aniston. The reasons for the name change is not officially disclosed. There is information that marketers feared that the name will be the subject of bullying Lolavie bloggers and tabloids. There is no clear explanation, what does Lolavie, invent failed, and as a result decided not to complicate your life and not have to add anything to the name of the actress. Advertising campaign for the new fragrance of the star produced by David Lipman, and photographer Mario Sorrenti made. At first perfume Jennifer Aniston will be sold exclusively at Harrods. Here the cost of a 30-ml vial is £ 23 and £ 36 for 85 ml container.


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