Rating of the most beautiful actresses older than 40 years

Here is the second video of our production. If men after forty years of career is the turn of the mountain by virtue of experience and a wide range of potential roles for actresses is the most difficult struggle on the auditions, which plays a decisive role not only talent, but also appearance.

We have compiled a ranking of those who, in our opinion, wins the struggle for beauty:

Under the cut decryption (it is better not to read to view the video, it will not be interesting).

So opens our top forty years Jennifer Connelly. This American actress hardly possible to give her age, especially when it is so widely and genuinely smiling. Jennifer is engaged in sports and eating apples. That's what this says about the actress: "I eat an insane amount of apples. Three times a day, a lot of apples, and it's so stupid! ". Silly - not stupid, and it looks good. However, with this type of cold appearance it should be cautious with the choice of make-up. Make-up a la Demi Moore adds her obviously an extra five years. So, Jennifer Connelly and eighth place.

Seventh place goes to Halle Berry. Forty-four actress does not change their way for several years. Apparently, won the men's heart once she has decided not to experiment. Holly is still in great shape even at the beach (Halle Berry 3.jpg). All the old way, without surprises, and this deserves a seventh place.

In sixth place is an American actress Kelly Hu, better known as Lady Death Strike from the "X-Men - 2". Asian roots are felt, Kelly 43, looks great on the face and no hint of wrinkles. The only thing that changes in the actress - it was her breast size. Well, the actress knows how to attract attention! Way to go, Kelly!

Fifth place is occupied by Jill Flint, best known for the TV series "Correct wife" and "Gossip Girl." Forty-two actress who often gets the occasional role than the major, clearly looks younger than his years. Such smooth skin, open look, cheerful smile - it really does not seem to directors? Hopefully, we will see Jill on the big screen!

On the fourth star of soap operas Vanessa Marcil. Forty-two actress "Beverly Hills 90210" has not changed much over the past decade and still looks fresh and attractive. Tighten the skin, moderate makeup, straight hair - the actress certainly knows how to keep its natural beauty, though not in a hurry to share secrets. We can only observe its unfading beauty and disappears on small screens talent.

Third place went to the most popular Mexican actress Salma Hayek in Hollywood. At forty-four years, Salma is one of the most sought-after actresses, and it seems that her career is just beginning, from small roles in such films as "The Faculty," "Dogma" and "Four Rooms," where her role was a girl dancing in TV to "Frida", "gangsters", "Puss in Boots" actress has come a long way. With age, Salma looks colorful, and its appearance can not be overlooked. However, she is not involved in sports and eating what you like. The actress admits: "Yes, I have hips and ass. I have cellulite, and I struggle with it every day. I do not do any exercise, eat pork and I love red wine. " Well, it can only envy!

Second place on the right goes to the blonde Naomi Watts. Her charm over the years does not disappear: the same smile, the same blond hair, the same tenderness in his eyes. Naomi Watts won the hearts of not only the many directors who gave her starring roles, but also the spectators, because she can learn how to preserve the beauty after a certain point. Secret Naomi simple: twice a week she does Pilates, observes a balanced diet and strictly monitors the amount of servings to stay in shape.

So, who is in first place in the ranking today? Despite the fact that this Hollywood actress 42 years, it is still difficult to as mother even on the screen. Jennifer Aniston took the top spot in our ranking of beautiful women over forty. Nature has endowed Jennifer big blue eyes, high cheekbones and a clearly defined chin, which create the image of eternally young, beautiful and cheerful woman. Of course, this is not without exercise and diet. Jennifer Anniston practices yoga has been for many years, and recently a friend of the actress Courteney Cox told her coach Shane Cameron, who has worked with such stars as Rene Russo and Chris Tucker. It helps Jen to maintain health and beauty not only through strength training, but training and emotional and spiritual balance. What would Jennifer Aniston did, it works: her figure is one of the most exemplary in Hollywood, even among the young actresses. For this she gets the first place!

Of course, in addition to the beauties of nature that helps doctors and treatments. But in the struggle for the beauty of all good, is not it? The cosmetic industry is growing with each passing year, it enables Hollywood look great even in adulthood. After all, if not the rear as stylists, surgeons and cosmetics, a woman on the red carpet is unlikely to become role models. Well, let actress to earn their millions and spend them on the beauty, because it is they will pay off!

And we say goodbye to you, see you in the new edition!


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