2013 Cannes Film Festival

How should I walk on the ball of amfAR, the best representatives of secular society friendly crowd went to the premiere of one of the most anticipated films of the Cannes Film Festival "immigrant". This is the second film starring Marion Cotillard, presented at the film festival this year, and one of the main contenders for the Palme d'Or. About what kind of films will win the title of best film Cannes 2013 we will know in a few days, but for now I present to you the fashion review with a red carpet premiere ceremony.

Fatal Beauty Bianca Balti again distinguished selection of attire. The advantages of its unique dresses can be safely attributed the bright pink color, original decor and unusual style. Unfortunately pros dress almost completely covers the strange length that shortens even such long legs, like Bianchi and black shoes, creating the dress is not the most attractive contrast.

And here is the hostess of the evening - a lovely Marion Cotillard! Actress hundredth time again appeared on the red carpet in the creation of Dior. This time the choice fell on her white silk dress with frill glamorous and unusual design of the bodice, which combines the top with long sleeves and corset bustier. Hardly in the fashion world there is something at the same time is so unusual and sophisticated than this outfit. I agree that the image of the controversial and far from perfect, but I like it.

Spanish model Eugenia Silva made a bid for Italians and walked the red carpet in Dolce & Gabbana. Dress odd and quite unattractive, furthermore, it has the effect of pregnancy. Some lace tent turns.

Karlie Kloss walked the red carpet in a cocktail dress with a pearl shade decorated with feathers on the skirt degrade. Nice dress, it is a pity that numerous colleagues Carly just overshadowed her nondescript dress her elegant evening gowns. As yesterday's image of the model at the ball amfAr, this outfit is hardly corresponds to the significance of the event.

Olivia Palermo again delivered into the hands of Roberto Cavalli and attended the premiere in a spectacular golden mermaid dress. By the greatest regret of many, shiny outfit was partially hidden from the prying eyes of a jacket Zara, which, according to Olivia wore to "underline its individual style in clothes." That makes sense, but in that case ought to abandon pen clutch, so as not to turn the image in an abundance of mismatched prints and textures.

When I talked about gorgeous outfits that outshone dress Karlie Kloss, I mean luxury Izabel Goulart in a dress Emilio Pucci. By itself, the dress is very simple - just decorative elements of draped fabric and cut from the hip - but the way it is served Isabel, is admirable. Luxury mop of hair, jewelry and glamorous posture did their job.

Kristin Scott Thomas in a cocktail dress Lanvin. I have to say - I do not like. The dress with print in the form of butterflies looks cute, but, firstly, it is too easy for the red carpet Cannes (for Photo call would be at the time!), And secondly, such a length in conjunction with these shoes shortens the leg. < br />

The snow-white jumpsuit with an unusual train who wore to the premiere of Isabeli Fontana, had every chance of success, if not a few points that spoil the overall picture. Firstly, wrinkled fabric - but it's forgivable. And, secondly, the length of the trousers that just drag on the red carpet. This is no longer just.

The young actress Ana Gerardo appeared on the premiere of "immigrant" in an unusual dress of red-brown color (the color of rust in a different way). The style of French always had a kind of negligence, but negligence in this way too. At least, sloppy cut bodice, a strange band, which is more like a rag, and careless hairstyle create that impression.

Not very well groomed and the English way of Juno Temple, but this is not the biggest drawback of its attire. In my view, it covers all the shoes that were made in the image of the shoe member Spice girls and even with a clear eye on the work shoes strippers. Perhaps I was too categorical, but these silver sandals make me such associations.


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