Johnny Depp about his hero

Cult actor gave an interview with Total Film, where he spoke about his vision of the role of the Indian Tonto, first assistant superhero - Lone Ranger in the eponymous film by Gore Verbinski, who must blow in cinemas this year. This role is notable for Depp in that for the first time in many years, the first violin in the on-screen action is not given to him Tonto - the squire and "conscience" Lone Ranger, played by Armie Hammer. Depp is great work out as kitsch (think Jack Sparrow), but in this project, he did not try to make your character a clown, who performed the role of amusement element in the picture

"That is, as shown by the Native Americans in many Hollywood films - it's just a circus. Typically, an Indian - a statistician, you need to submit a soda cool guys. I wanted to move away from this stereotype in his Tonto - he is a true warrior with a sense of dignity, which does not clown around. So I'm trying to change the perception of Indians in the movies "- says Depp

The main promotional poster of the film: The Lone Ranger and Tonto
Also, the actor said he remembered the black and white face paint Tonto was coined by him and inspired him to it by artist Kirby Sattler

"I was impressed with longitudinal stripes on the faces of the Indians in the pictures Sattler: if the face is divided into separate parts. I decided that my character will this war paint »

Kirby Sattler, the picture "I am Raven"


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