Facts of Life Bono

July 16 soloist U2 and Bono public figure in Paris was awarded the highest award is the highest in the French culture - the Order of literature and art.

In honor of this recall 7 interesting facts from the life of Bono.

Bono was born in the suburbs. His life was boring, he did not know what to do. Living in the suburbs is ugly from the fact that there is a huge number of people, a lot of young people and all of them there is nothing to do. Bono dealt with this differently. He spent the night at home, and tried to soothe his passion for travel.

Young Bono

Bono's father was a very conservative man and his son planted a vision of the world in terms of the order not to be disappointed, do not be fascinated. Bono grew incredibly active young man, hyperactive, and this flow of energy is not leaving it up to now. He says that I want to see everything myself, not through a monitor or TV screen or pictures from the newspapers, I want to see things as they are.


Bono is very fiercely engaged in social activities. Much attention he pays to the fight against AIDS and poverty in Africa. It calls on these countries to forgive foreign debt and maintain open trade. Bono even created a special organization DATA («Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa»)

«Sunday Bloody Sunday»

In the movie "Get ready to be loud," where they met and talked about music, Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge (U2). Edge told a very interesting story. Almost every concert the band starts with the fact that Bono goes to the microphone and said: "Every time I do this (snaps his fingers, measuring out the time period) in Africa a person dies." At one concert where Bono did the same from the audience one fan shouted: "Stop killing people».

"Prepare to be loud»

Jack White, Jimmy Page and The Edge

April 7, 2007 Queen Elizabeth II dedicated Bono knighted.

Bono and the Order of the Knights

Bono, a native of Dublin. He was an Irishman. But despite this, he was in the list of one hundred greatest Britons, it was a great and global vote conducted by the public.

«Beatiful Day»

Despite the fact that the template lives of rock stars - is sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, Bono gets out of this model. Bono believes the man who all his life has been devoted to only one woman I loved at school. Wife Bono called Alison. Recording an album, Bono was so devoured by work that I forgot about the birthday of his wife, and to somehow be rehabilitated, he composed a song for her, in the clip to which appeared later just his wife.

«The Sweetest Things»


Bono - a great man, a musician and a model father. He has four children. He has a lot of true friends. Everyone would be so.


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