Laughter through tears: celebrity South Park

Celebrities - this is not only an object of admiration, but also an object of ridicule. The journalists, talk show hosts and parodist do not feed bread - let make fun of celebrities. And if you are known not only for his acting talent and musical achievements, then taunt you are in the strongest possible terms. Ridicules all - the drunken escapades, family relationships, infidelity, appearance and even nervous breakdowns. Master derision is notorious cartoon "adult", "South Park» («South Park»). The episodes often appear actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and religious leaders. It is not difficult to guess, cartoonish stars (stars and real) have hard times ...

What is the "South Park" without Paris Hilton. The creators of the amazing picture it - striking resemblance! Throughout the episode, Paris foul language and expectorant (to the account of this similarity, I'm not sure). According to the multipliers, the presence of Paris in a cartoon pursuing good purpose - they "just wanted to show that girls do not need to become as Paris Hilton».

Barbra Streisand - a frequent guest in the "South Park." Creators just hate it, they said, "she is too inflated self-esteem." The actress appeared on the show three times (in two cases - in the form godzillopodobnogo lizard robot trying to take over the world), and even had the honor to appear in a full-length cartoon "South Park." The most Streyzend cartoon did not like, and she allowed herself a few caustic comments about the creators.

Russell Crowe appeared in the "South Park" in the image of a leading television show dedicated to beating people. Under the hot hand "Gladiator" got all - cancer patients, children and Chinese. Very cruel, but in truth it is still there - known to all the scandal about how the actor made a scandal at the hotel and started to phone the hotel employee.

Became an object of ridicule and Ben Affleck, who fell in love with the hand of one of the characters of the series - his hand as no surprise, was named Jennifer Lopez. In this episode she appears and J. Lo, which is beginning to haunt the very hand. It seems to be an allusion is clear.

Remember the rumors about homosexual Tom Cruise? So the creators did not miss the chance and enough poor man mocked. In one scene, Tom Cruise urged to get out of the closet - «come out the closet», which also means to make coming out - to plead gay. Perhaps this has some truth, but who knows ...

Not without Sarah Jessica Parker. The creators presented the image of the actress in almost the worst woman in the world (after Barbra Streisand, of course), along it to elk antlers and made her hunt. All anything, but that's just an episode aired exactly on the birthday of actress ...

Sometimes the "South Park" is going too far. I am talking about the episode, in which there is a "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, who was killed by a stingray sting. In this form, with a ramp, protruding from his chest, Steve and brought to the audience. Laugh laugh, but some limits still need to be. The episode exposed rampant criticism, but the creators of the series all at all - they said Irwin and the case with a ramp in several episodes of the cartoon.

Leonardo DiCaprio (and the actors from the movie "Home»)

Elton John

George Lucas and Steven Spiberg

Barack Obama

Snoop Dogg

Oprah Winfrey

Michael Jackson

Britney Spears


Farrah Fawcett

Kani West

Tiger Woods


Kardashian Sisters

Michael Jordan

Rob Schneider

Cher and Sonny Bono

Angelina Jolie

Whoopi Goldberg

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith


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