Seven ways to stay awake

Sitting in front of a working monitor, you are the last effort trying not to fall asleep? His eyes hurt, as if after a sandstorm? This daytime sleepiness arises from the failure of normal biological rhythms of the body, or is the result of accumulated fatigue. Drinks Remove drowsiness for several hours to help coffee. However, do not abuse - more than three cups of this drink per day are harmful to health. No worse tones and strong green tea. Energy drinks - is, of course, the last option. Excessive doses are not just bad for your health, but also deadly. "Energy" is contraindicated in people who have heart problems and sosudami.

Food Certain foods can also help you cope with sleepiness, namely, tonic foods and high-sugar (dark chocolate). Wake up the body and juices of fresh fruits and orehi.

Sleep The best remedy against sleepiness - a dream. Find 15-20 minutes of time in the lunch break to sleep in a recreation area or even in a desk chair. So you get the necessary supply of energy to the end of the working day. Remember that proper sleep is as important to your health as good nutrition and exercise. According to the latest medical research, any sleep disorders shorten a person's life by 10-15 let.

Fresh air go outside or on the balcony and take a few slow, deep breaths. Especially good relieves drowsiness frosty vozduh.

Movement Do not sit in one position in the workplace. Take a short break to walk in the yard, or even walk down the corridor. Massage the palm of your hand, the ears, comb the hair for three minutes. Such local massage - a real ambulance to fall asleep in the operating vremya.

Washing washing Alternate hot and cold water are not keeping up with your fatigue and track. Of course, this method is not suitable for women because after the procedure will have to redo makiyazh.



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