Photo Tour of the island of Penang

Today photographer - Vitaly traveler Taysaev hold us an interesting tour of the island of Penang. Hi friends, today we visited one of the resorts in Malaysia - Penang island and the city of the old British colonial architecture - Georgetown. The island geographically located in the Andaman Sea, is the only inhabited island of the Malay majority Chinese. The largest city on the island - Georgetown, named in honor of King George III. City lined up like most colonies around the fort. Under the cut photographs and an overview of the city. Now the city is just filled with Chinese development, in the former buildings of the European open countless shops, restaurants and gostinitsy.

In predverrii New Year, Penang, like the rest of Malaysia hung red lanterns and hang signs "Selamat Tahun Baru Cina!", Which means "Happy Chinese New Year!".

In the picture an elderly Chinese family plays checkers after the closure magazina.

Many people call this area - the pearl of the Orient. Well, for me, some interesting landmarks and all =). For the rest of rum on the beach is the best Malaysian island of Langkawi, the other (the whole island is a zone of free trade and duty free), or all of the Ride to Thailand. In Malaysia, a large import duties on alcoholic beverages.

Briefly touch history. Penang has been opened for the first time a Chinese admiral Zheng He during his expeditions in the XV century. Originally the island was called Ka-Satu (First Island (small.). And in Europe, Penang became famous thanks to the English captain and trader Francis Light, who in 1786, on behalf of the East India Company bought it from Sultan Kedah in exchange for protection against Siam and Burma. The island was completely covered with jungle, and to attract people here, it was announced that every displaced person could get as much land as he is able to clear. By the end of the XVIII century, the population of the island has already reached 10 thousand people. Many European settlers died from malaria. Please attention to the arched passages. Enterprising Englishmen built them from the heavy seasonal rains, so as not to get wet naskvoz.

The island was completely covered with jungle, and to attract people here, it was announced that every displaced person could get as much land as he is able to raschistit.

In addition to the elegant English mansions are very poor truschoby.

Who Penang can get in any way as an airplane or by ferry and car. The island is connected to the mainland by the longest bridge in Asia - 13, 5 km. Also, the island is linked to the mainland by means of ferries, but this is not enough. Malaysians already laid the construction of another bridge champion long 24 km.

The bridge except its length does not have anything interesting, more interesting view of the city from him Dzhordzhtaun.

Transport Penang is well developed, in contrast to the capital the prices are much lower. Available scooter rentals, but unlike Bali, everywhere here require an international driving license to motobayk.

Island despite the numerical superiority of the Chinese population is very multinational. The island has an Anglican tserkov.

A great many mosques. The main religion as in the whole of Malaysia - islam.

Hindu and Chinese temples. The photograph local tow incense on the occasion of a major religious holiday. Honestly, the first time I saw such a big stick =).

Verdict: The island is very original, a connoisseur of architecture here is very at ease. Alas, cheap beer and a clean beach, you will not find here. If there is a little time and 35 RM (about $ 7), take a bus from Kuala Lumpur and go! It is better to see once than hear a hundred times, or even to look at the high-quality photos! ) Accommodation: The price of the guest house is about 30-40 RM per night. The hotels 100 RM. Transport: Bus from Kuala Lumpur to Penang on the terminal - 35 RM. A taxi from the bus terminal to the city of 30 RM. The city buses are available, monorail (sort of), pedicabs. At the guesthouse you can buy a return ticket, and take a cheap shuttle to the terminal - 2-4 RM



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