Rare spider crab

Rare miniature spider crab, which was last recorded in the waters of the British county of Cornwall back in 1912, has recently been found again and paraded. Spider crab pisa armata fisherman caught this summer from Newquay Dan Gilbert, and gave it to the museum-aquarium «Blue Reef Aquarium». Aquarium staff say that this animal is so rare that they had to turn to an expert on marine flora and fauna to help them identify it, after they had studied all of their directories. But they can be understood, because the history of mankind on this crab survived only 13 references - and they all belong to the Edwardian and Victorian era.

Aquarium curator Matt Slater said: "As soon as Dan brought it to us, we realized that it was something unusual. But even reviewing all our directories and consultation with colleagues from other aquariums, we still have not been able to establish his identity. " Now this tiny crab can be seen in one of the children's section of the aquarium, although visitors will first need to how to look for it. "The crab the size of a thumb nail, and he loves to adorn themselves with algae," - says Slater. See also: Invasion of spiders after the floods in Australia. In the waters of New Zealand found the world's largest shrimp. Ancient horses were the size of a cat. In cat named Frank and Louie two muzzle.

Source: drunov.ru/news/redkij-krab-pauk-vnov-obnaruzhen-spustya-99-let/


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