How to make millions of cucumbers? (6 photos)

Unemployed in the village of Polissya build three homes for a family.
When it became clear that government rations good rural life can not be built, the biggest farmers of the Belarusian village Olshany that in the Brest region (population of more than 8000 people) amicably resigned from the farm and began to make a cucumber.

Here are all the opposite of the usual post-Soviet country: people do not drink, do not live in rickety huts, half of the families - families with many children, each - a small fleet of vehicles, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In Belarus, it is called "Olshansky phenomenon", but if you look closely, there is no magic, the first and the main reason for the well-being olshantsev - refusal to cooperate with the state. Officially, everything - the unemployed, the taxes are not paid, a cucumber business until this year conducted without supervision, using the geographical location - far from the big cities, that no one climbs with inspections. Local farmers are not particularly willing to lighten up in the press, so as not to attract attention, so please do not call names. "Cucumber businessman" Andrew tells of the prosperity of his native village:

 - In Moscow, we are very fond of cucumbers because they no nitrates, tasty, the land is fertile. On the day of 40-50 trucks goes to Russia. For the season with a greenhouse I earn three hundred thousand Russian rubles. And I have greenhouses 7. So consider yourself.

Take it easy, but this time the average salary in the ordinary Belarusian farm barely three thousand rubles, and some workers and did get 50 -300 per month. By the way, Olshanskys cucumber kings also create jobs - those who have a lot of greenhouses, by hiring people to assist in growing their "green gold." And the people from the neighboring villages with joy rides to work here. But large parts of the business to share with outsiders olshantsy do not like, so try, where possible, engage in logistics and sales within his own clan - for example, grows cucumbers in-law, son in law owns a couple of trucks and is responsible for transportation, and his wife sell cucumbers and conduct accounting. Andrew shares details of family life in Olshanah:

 - We have decided that there were many children. I myself have four, but this is not the limit, there are families where seven children, ten. And what - to support. I have two daughters grow up, and the dowry, as usual, will build each house. I hope that will marry his Olshansky, well, or someone from the neighboring villages. Because all sorts of eastern Belarusians do not like me, these people do not want to work, only to whine that all bad. I do not want such a daughter in the family led.

Houses in Olshanah neat, European, and on the walls of the local market hangs unusual, and not necessary in a normal village advertising - ceilings, window glazing, steel doors. All of this money is in demand at the villagers. The houses have huge plasma TVs, a lot of furniture from Moscow "IKEA" - trucks from Russia will not be returned empty.

On machines then go to 15 years, the benefit, the cops do not have on local roads. A good practice to give the child to the prom in the school car keys. While other Belarusian villages grow old and die out in Olshanah half thousand children of school age. However, in school Olshanskys kids do not want and do not like - teachers complain of indifference to the educational process and constant unsubscribe from their parents. Director of the secondary school №1 Anna Corn says:

 - As soon as the crop of cucumbers is the month of March, the older children as a cow tongue licks - weeks can not go to class, then only bring notes from parents: "For family reasons." These circumstances are all one - cucumber business. We have a very low postupaemost in higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, for it constantly receive reprimands in the regional department of education of one thousand five hundred pupils in the town leaving 18-20 people a year. Recently, I tried to hold educational talk about the benefits of higher education institutions with a pretty good achievers, and he answered me: "I am 16, and I have earned on your machine, helping to grow cucumbers dad. And you, with your education, car and never will be. Why should I go to the city to learn if I'm there in my life did not earn as much at home in five years! ».

Many children and the lack of local men drinking addiction due to the fact that all the villagers - devoutly religious Protestants, whose religion prohibits the use of contraception, abortion, drinking and taking drugs. Also one of the most important tenets of Protestantism is the doctrine of the virtue of work, the need to work conscientiously and diligently. That is why the Protestant communities worldwide live economically safely. And despite the fact that Baptists in Belarus met unkind to 90 years in Olshanah parking in front of a house of prayer every Saturday filled to capacity, while the Orthodox Church is empty and decaying without parishioners.

Belarusian mentality, which manifests itself in an indifferent attitude to everything that concerns the general rather than personal good, and will not go away from the wealthy olshantsev. The roads in the village of the same broken-down and impassable, as in any poverty-stricken village. Locals look pretty strange when resent the fact that the state, which they do not pay taxes, does not allocate funds to repair roads that they themselves and turn into a swamp, breaking their last tarmac vans and KAMAZ.

The idea that the chip itself and put in order their homeland in the head does not come cucumber brokers. Just as the idea to collect money for a bus that would dovozil children to school - many of the new areas in stomping alma mater as much as 3 kilometers, and dad to bring up their machines can not - in the morning is always a lot of work on the ground.

The headmaster complains that every day is late to the beginning of the lessons of 50-90 people, and those who come on time, in minutes, thaw a 15-minute washes shoes from the mud. To all that is behind the fence of their own homes, olshantsy are indifferent to utilitarian - such as local authorities have already tired of fighting that residents blamed on the streets of the wood are heated greenhouse in the cold.

Recently, Olshanah restless. At the end of April, hovering over Olshansky cucumbers public clouds - during a visit to Stolin district spoke about the business itself, Alexander Lukashenko, accusing Russian wholesalers that they offended the Belarusian producer:

 - Arrived in Russia a man and says, "Here I give you so much. Do you want to - to give, you want - do not give. " What it do? One day it is not a cucumber. And he gives the cheap cucumbers.

To manufacturers it was convenient to sell cucumbers to the state "normal prices", the President instructed to build in the fall Olshanah logistics center or processing plant.

Olshantsy this news quite glad, because not all have the opportunity to sell their goods on their own, many tied to wholesalers from Russia. He does not hide his indignation Ivan Mushroom farmer who owns the site of the village of cucumber market:

 - People will lose everything! If you kicked out of regular customers from Russia, what do we do with cucumbers? It will be a real disaster. What to do with 40 wagons of cucumbers? Donating to "Belkoopsoyuz" for a penny? It's better to throw away! Turnover in the market - 1 - 1, 5 million dollars a day! Simultaneously, 30 trucks loaded! Minivans and smaller machines in general no one believes! Cucumber - very delicate goods. If the 11 hours it took off from the garden - the next morning he was to be the buyer. In fact, to debug a system that is able to compete with Russian wholesalers will require huge costs. If this is all we get.



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