Kiwi - fruit is delicious

Kiwi - fruit, though delicious, but somehow problematic. It is meant in terms of its cleaning. Especially a problem arises, if it is too hard (not fully ripe) or soft (overripe). As in this case, clean it quickly and easily? There is a way, how to use a knife and a tablespoon of the peel green fruit: Cut the knife "ass" kiwi on both sides. Make an incision along the length of all kiwi, only not very deep. Enter a tablespoon of the peel and go in a circle of kiwi, gradually removing the inedible part. If the kiwi is very small, it is recommended to take a dessert spoon, it is smaller and then you will have no problems to consume this juicy and tasty fruit. You can look it looks like the whole procedure on the video: See also: How to quickly clean grenades. Previously, the kiwi was called "Chinese gooseberries." Why useful raspberries?



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