How to grow kiwi at home. Turns out, it's that simple!

Grow a kiwi vine is a very real and it's still fun and does not require extra costs. You just need to choose the ripe kiwi from the nearest store. It should be soft and flawless. There are several popular varieties of kiwifruit, but not every one of them is able to grow and develop into mature plant at home. Kiwi loves heat and light, so its planting and growing need to allocate space on a sunny windowsill without drafts.

best time for sowing - from March to May.

Wash the fruit and cut it into several parts. Gently mash the pulp. The resulting slurry was put in a glass of warm water, stir and let stand for a bit.

Thoroughly rinse, went to the flesh and bones were left, which will float on the surface. Lay seeds on a napkin or paper towel so that they are drying. After 2-4 hours of bone wrap in cotton wool or cloth and put in a bowl. Add a little hot water so that it impregnated the material, but not poured by tilting trays. Cover with foil and place the seeds in a warm sunny place. On the night of the film slightly open or even better off. On the morning of shares required amount of water. After 7-10 days, the seeds of the kiwi should hatch.

Choose plants suitable for pot and the mound on his bed of expanded clay. The soil is better to take a ready designed for tropical vines. Hold it in a water bath for two hours. The depth of 5-10 mm hole put 2-3 seeds. Slightly prisyp their land, fields, water at room temperature and tightly cover with foil. Put the pot in a warm sunny place. After 3-6 days the seedlings will appear first. From unpromising and unnecessary germs better start to get rid of at this stage. Watered sparingly and only defended water. In winter, shoot growth slows kiwi, and sufficiently watered 2-3 times a month. During the growing season (spring and summer) plants need more moisture, so you need to be watered more often - 2 times a week. In addition, the hot summer kiwis need to spray.

Regularly decimates plants so they do not interfere with each other. In the early stages they can just pull out of the ground. Later do this will not happen, because the root system develops quickly enough kiwi. The most correct option is unnecessary sostriganie germ. When the plants reach a height of 10-12 cm, transplant them into separate trays. If you do not, they will slow down the development. In favorable conditions, bloom and bear fruit kiwi seed begins in the third or fourth year.

Try this method of self cultivation of kiwi is a tropical plant and will delight you every day. A few years later you can even enjoy its fruits!

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