How to save money

Many impression that the journey - it is always very expensive, however, you can avoid spending big money following these 10 tips: 1. Take the money away from the tourist zon

. You will be amazed if you go a few blocks away from the tourist areas: restaurants, hotels, entertainment, everything is much cheaper than where tourists live. It is possible that a visit such remote places of the city center will better get to know the local people, their traditions and culture, immersed in their lifestyle. 2. Examine the area via the internet before you go tuda.

Within the Internet there are many guides to the place where you want to go. Before you go, define and plan its own set of actions. There are many forums travelers, travel guides, you can find a ton of advice about the place you have chosen for your trip. Most cities now have a so-called "tourist passes", and you can even get discounts on public transportation and other services 3. Avoid naduvatelstv

. When you visit forums travel, make sure you have all elicited and learned about the local "razvodily." Sadly, every country has a tendency to "sell"! Crooks are becoming more and more creative, and you can not avoid anything yet know - "the more you know, the more you are safe!" 4. Savings zhile

. If you have a friend in the country you want to visit - it will save you enough money. And if not, then try to find friends who have friends abroad and make sure that they will be able to withstand you a couple of nights. There is also a program for the exchange: You get to know people at a forum with people who want to visit the country in which you live and change them housing, as in the movie "The Holiday!". But here we must make sure that you do not find yourself in an awkward situation. 5. Avoid middlemen, order and book airline tickets and hotels sami.

Better use of the hotel search engine or airlines that do not charge a commission. If they say:
"Plus the cost of order processing" or "plus the registration fee," look for another site. You also need to avoid the daily discounts, because it is not always cheaper. 6. Before you go, check your mobile telefon

. One of the biggest hidden cost travel - a mobile phone. Make sure that your data roaming is turned off. Always check with your mobile operator tariffs before leaving 7. Try to avoid non-cash payment for granitsey

. Banks often charge extra fees for withdrawing from ATMs of other countries. Of course, just in case it would be good to take your card with you, but if you will treasure cash, it will save you money! 8. Do not Pohorje, changing their money into foreign valyutu.

Make sure that you are going to change money at a decent exchanger. Do not change them once at the airport, there's likely you change the day of the real exchange rate, and at a loss! 9. Order tickets ranshe

. The cheapest tickets will be if you make them in the range from 3 months to 3 weeks. 10. Book airport parking zaranee

. Just as with a plane ticket, if you make a parking lot in advance, you will save money! If you want to know that you can buy on their hard-earned money in other countries, here it is such a list: 1. The price of beer in different countries: 64,767,937

2. The cost of dinner for two:

3. Cigarettes:

4 liters of milk:

5. Packing eggs:

6. A liter of petrol:



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