100 years for 150 seconds

Dutch director Jeroen Wolf took a hundred persons at the age from "0 to 100 years," to demonstrate the aging process. As a result, volunteers who have got into the story lasting 150 seconds, you can see what changes take place in a person's appearance as we approach the starosti.

Wolf stopped people in the streets of Amsterdam and asked them to look into the camera and call your age. Then he assembled the footage into one movie and get an awesome video, makes us think about the transience vremeni.

Open gallery with a succinct video called "100" a small child who is not yet a year old. It is, of course, for obvious reasons, could not give his age, so I just looked into the camera and pointed language. Year-old boy did not say anything and. Other participants of the project - from two to 100 years old - the age called, as requested by the director. Ends with a smiling face of a hundred years the story of the Dutch babushki.

As the authors acknowledge, without difficulty, he shot the young and middle-aged. At the same time the director had some problems with access to children and the very old lyudyam.

The collection Jeroen Wolff appeared not only Europeans, but also other residents of the Dutch capital - particularly blacks and Asians. According to the author of the idea, he started filming in October 2011. "My goal was to gather a group of a hundred people aged from 0 to 100 years" - said on.

First collection of individuals recruited very quickly, the problem began when searching for children of different ages and very old people: in the first case because of the biased attitude of some parents to their children's participation in film and photography, the second - because of the fact that they do not often go out of the house as zdorovya.

It had to look for old pensioners in nursing homes. Especially difficult was it to remove the 99-year-old model, said the director. Only four months after the start of the "missing link" (a woman at the age of 99 years) was finally found.

Source: www.mixnews.lv/ru/kaleidoscope/news/2012-09-05/105067


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