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In one of the Ukrainian schools came a curious order - to throw out all the old books available due to the fact that he was going ministerial verification. Order began to perform the next day ...

But what is done, comrades!

The author writes: Note that the surrender not only books, but also fiction and stuff. Our school has been deposited: Medical Handbook 1989, the determinant of species of butterflies, a collection of poems Lermontov and Gumilev, "Red and Black" by Stendhal, "The Three Musketeers," Dumas, "The Adventures of Oliver Twist" Dickens and even a hundred other books.

I even have a desire to pick up a few books home, but the harsh aunt, to observe the process has not given to do so. As it turned out, the books were put in the amount of 2,000 hryvnia. Wonderful is not it?



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