From shorts to charge for mobile phone

Tourists and guests will never sit the phone battery with the new line of sleeping bags and denim shorts that use body heat and motion energy to generate electricity. Special shorts and a sleeping bag can charge the phone battery, accumulating energy of the human body with kinetic and thermoelectric technology. Appropriate chargers were developed by Vodafone and experts from the University of Southampton.

Shorts with the energy pocket made of a foam material ferroellektricheskogo. When a man dressed in shorts such moves, they collect the kinetic energy by compressing or deforming materials. This foam contains voids. The surfaces of these voids are constantly charged and have piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. When the material is under pressure, shorts generate electric charge. Changing the size and shape of the voids in shorts creates an electrical charge required to charge the phone connected to the charge, being in the pocket of energy.

As for the sleeping bag, it collects heat. His work is based on the Seebeck effect. Sleeping bag monitors temperature change using a thermoelectric module, installed on the bag fabric. The heat from the body of a sleeping man goes through this module to a special "battery". The material from which is made a sleeping bag, the polymeric film comprises two semiconductor and that generates an electrical charge in a time as they are heated. Testing conducted by Vodafone, has shown that a man dressed in shorts "smart material" to the energy pocket, can extend the life of your phone at least four hours, provided that there will be during the day to keep active - a lot of walking or dance.

But spending the night in a sleeping bag is able to extend the "life" of the phone for 11 hours. The representative of Vodafone Krisitan Cull said: "Our aim was to create a practical solution to the problem of mobile charging, faced many visitors to events held outdoors. We hope that our design will help people stay in touch and take photos during the festival season. " The technology of "smart fabrics" will be presented this weekend at the Festival of Wight and will continue to grow throughout the summer.



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