Secrets of the map of the world (11 photos)

Who was in school, one must remember that the world map hanging on the wall.
We even could not imagine what it might look different.
Turns can ...


The words of the author: It's simple: because Americans see the world. As I told a friend who lives in New York, these cards in their schools. She first saw this map at a language school. When she asked the teacher, that card, he replied: what's wrong with her?

Perhaps they, too, were surprised when they see that on our maps Russia does not cut in half, and the United States is not in the center, as it should be.

Australia map: here there are no Antarctica!

And here it is. Maybe they're on the head go as imagined Alice in Wonderland? :)))

This is a map of South Africa. They do not like Antarctica, is really why we need the white spots on the map, especially when they are so extensive and they are no longer your country?))

This is a Chinese map. The principle is the same as on other cards: a country in the middle of the world!

The French vision of a world map to be honest is not very different from the Soviet apparently affects the geographical proximity of countries with respect to Australia, South Africa and the same America. But I found an interesting card, although it is the centenary, the way the French have seen while the location of the peoples on the planet. Take a look at the territory of Russia, is when we live light brown-Siberians, in Kazakhstan - the Turks (presumably Turkic-speaking peoples), on the island of Sakhalin and Hokkaido - the Ainu. Interestingly, they still live in Sakhalin?

There still is such a card, which distorted the real geographic contours (which we used to see), but it gives an idea of ​​the scale of countries.



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