People who worked in the jail and prison

I offer you a 5 popular in Russia, the people who lit up at work, which was connected with places not so otdalёnnymi.Nekotorye of them after conscription were sent to serve in the internal security forces, who are engaged in security prisons. The famous Russian translator parodist, writer, publicist, computer game developer, mechanic, driver, a librarian and a showman, as everyone knows, began his career not in the media industry, and at the Department of Internal Affairs. But not everyone remembers that the police was not easy Tufts Opera House, and led a special part of the prison.

By his own admission, in the early nineties, his office was located in a former prison cell. Maybe it is because of their hard past "Goblin" loves to work with the detective film, emphasizing the Russian audience for all the "nuances of language" informal speech to the American high road.

One of the most recognizable Russian officials, an intellectual and intelligent unlikely most Russians associate with the concept of "special forces". Nevertheless, German Gref, a Catholic in 1982 drafted into the army, and not much anyhow, namely special forces USSR Interior Ministry troops.

Service Gref held in Chapaevsk in military unit 3434. Biography silent than as specifically engaged future Minister of Economic Development and Chairman of the Board of Sberbank of Russia in the special forces of internal troops. It is not excluded that, together with co-workers the next senior official can participate in quelling prison riots and escorting of dangerous criminals.

Cult late Soviet writer and journalist in the late seventies was forced to leave the Soviet Union. It is noteworthy that Dovlatov himself never considered himself a maverick. Do not love the Soviet system, he never allowed himself to call the country or the people inhabiting it - maybe because of the fact that in his youth he had met with the same people in one of the worst places.

In the early sixties Dovlatova expelled from Leningrad University for academic failure and almost immediately called into the glorious Soviet army. Then the young men were still three-year period, almost three years Dovlatov served in explosives in the Komi guard labor camp. Even while serving, she began writing a collection of essays, a kind of diary of everyday life of army, prison, later published under the title "Zone". Until now, many experts and connoisseurs of his work is considered a work of the most powerful of all written Dovlatov.

Father Ivan Urgant, the St. Petersburg theater actor and TV broadcasts on TV exclusively secular-leaning and highly refined level. He is, by his own statement of a true esthete and gourmet, sybarite and selfish. With such a characteristic it does not fit the image of the glorious soldier of the Internal Troops of the USSR.

In 1979, Andrew Urganta drafted. Two years for a mature man - then he was already hard for 20 - passed almost unnoticed, but not completely. As it said in the interview itself Andrey Urgant, while serving in uchebke he nearly froze his feet, and later, "grandfather", he was appointed head of freelance ensemble USSR Interior Ministry troops.

One of the most popular contemporary theater actors and film since childhood has decided to serve art. Before finalizing by 1998 the Shchukin School and played for two months in a theater Krein Rozovsky, he shocked his friends and family decision to join the army.

Like the heroes of our previous collections, Anton Makarska identified the explosives. There's a future star has served faithfully for six weeks in the escort company. Later, the authorities are likely to have mercy, believing that communication with the transportation detainees are criminals for the talented artist less useful than participate in the creative self. Army superiors transferred Makarska Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Interior Ministry of Russia, where the artist was a real idol for the local audience.



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