US secret experiments

October 28, 1943, according to legend, was held quite unusual experiment, during which time in front of the astonished audience disappeared destroyer "Aldridge" on board was a team of sailors. A moment later, "Eldridge" appeared. But he was already a few kilometers from the place of his disappearance. We will talk about the five US secret experiments.

TESTING mustard

In the forties, to actively explore the bio-weapon, equipment and methods of application protection. As part of testing the US government initiated a sprinkling of mustard gas and other chemicals on their own soldiers. Ask the consent of, or at least to notify people about the experiment, no one was going. Locking soldiers in a gas chamber and exposing them to mustard gas and lewisite, the US military and scientists tested the effectiveness of their gas masks and protective clothing. And this despite the fact that lewisite - a gas that in spite of any obstacles quickly penetrates through clothes and rubber, leaving the victim's body on the terrible blisters and burns. For the removal of suspicion and withdrawal liability all these actions were served not as experiments, but as the most simple observation.

Philadelphia Experiment

At the end of October 1943 the US Navy had a mythical experiment. People have seen as the destroyer "Elridzh" disappeared with the team is on board, and then there was a few miles from the original point. Legend has it that after the disappearance of the destroyer in the air was a greenish fog, and when the ship reappeared, then on board of 181 one person survived only 21. The mystery was the name of the customer and experiment. Some are convinced that the experiment was designed to test a number of FBI Nikola Tesla speculation about the possibility of teleportation. The scientific explanation is possible an accomplished destroyer situation is the fact that in 1943 the scientists of all countries involved in the war studied both by means of demagnetization (degaussizatsii) to make their ships invisible to magnetic torpedoes fuses. However, the US Navy officially does not confirm that the Philadelphia Experiment was the place to be, and the sailors' Elridzha "insist that the Philadelphia Experiment is only a fiction.


In 1949, the CIA with the help of German scientists have begun work on the creation of a truth serum. This seemingly innocent activity, turned into a nightmare, and from 1951 to 1953, the CIA worked actively on the project BLUEBIRD, the essence of which is to obtain control over the mind. Psychiatrists involved in the project, performed countless experiments on human beings. Scientists have tried to create in the mind of man a new identity, or to bring up the poor fellow amnesia. Objects tried to enter into the mind of post-hypnotic commands and false memories. Work was conducted to create multilichnosti. In addition, the main task was to bring the brain object to such a state that a person could be controlled only by switching the remote transmitter. The methods that the CIA used to achieve their goals, not always humane. For example, within the framework of the experimental children were forced every day to take LSD-25, and electroconvulsive therapy was to "help" people lose memory.


The "Bluebird" spawned another, no less frightening study, whose name MKULTRA. The new draft of the CIA studied the manipulation of consciousness by means of psychotropic chemicals. The implication was that if successful, the data will be used for purposes such as recruitment agents, or extract information during interrogation. Experiments conducted psychiatrist Donald Cameron right in the Allan Memorial Institute of McGill where people seeking help at nervosa, postpartum depression and other troubles. Objects of the experiment were exposed to nerve agents, psychotropic drugs and LSD. In addition, people were electroconvulsive therapy, which rank higher than normal (therapeutic) time in 35 test subjects after prolonged use of chemicals or exposure to electrical discharges, the team was allowed to listen to repetitive or sounds recorded on tape. Thus, people have tried to erase the memory or alter personality. In 1973, CIA has destroyed key files of the program, which greatly complicated the investigation, which the US Congress has taken with respect to Intelligence. However, an investigation of MKULTRA project led to the adoption of important and strict laws in the United States.

Irradiation experiments

One of the most vulnerable categories in the legal sphere of citizens - the poor and homeless. African Americans fall into this category, so even with cancer, were chosen victims of US irradiation experiments. Each guinea convinced that he is being treated. In fact, people have become experimental rats in the study of the effects obtained with high doses of radiation effects on the human body. In the story of these experiments, it is worth noting vigilant and careful doctors. To avoid persecution, and other possible consequences of all forms of medical personnel only signed statement on paper initials. So that patients simply do not have the opportunity to show your government claims.



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