Machines for this life!

Ads just broke me into pieces

Tired of dull foreign cars in strict corporate style? Gasoline prices cause toothache? Compres- sion feet underground - the cause of high blood pressure?
Tavria - here is the solution for all strata and classes! Interior leather young Dermontina, self-made tuning and engine from the refrigerator will solve all your problems.
Fuel rises in price again? Model ZAZ-1102 only economical, even when riding!
Financial power of your budget does not allow to buy a car? Relax, because Tavria - the only car that costs less than its own scale model.
SBU accused of corruption? Arrive at the court hearing on Tavria - and the prosecutor with the judge out of pity you chip in for a bribe!
Favorite child had already surrendered to the law, but to trust him a brand new Lexus, presented at the end of school, sorry? Tavriya - the industry leader estestvoispytany younger generation Schumacher.
Four-wheel drive, five-speed mechanical, 1, 1-liter petrol engine is pulled out from under the roadbed itself, trying to captivate the driver and passengers on an unforgettable journey.
Gods washed with tears of envy, looking from the height of his heavenly abode on the first descended from the factory brand model - the embodiment of perfection, so missing the results of their creations.
Specifically, the instance of innocent white color is in the service of the law-abiding citizen approaching retirement age all the time of my life (since 1995) and is now looking forward to the new owner.
Call now and get a cassette + complete collection of songs Alla Pugacheva.

The cost of 1,200 USD


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