Right now throw away all the junk, all that does not work

Lighter with fallen "pebble". Just take it and carry it in the trash.

"Home" clothes with the extended knees and sweaters with pellets. COTTAGE WHAT ???? in the trash!

Headsets with one ear. The old "little bit more" batteries. Dead player and speakers. Old dialapny modem - he even Avito for 10 rubles nobody needs.

Dishes chipped. You do not dumb of these cups to drink tea and visitors pour? Leave the trash from the garbage - can anyone amiss ...

Uchetku forums where you once a year only robot sends e-card happy birthday.

"Friend" in social networks. You have not got the message "Kakdela?" Are you seriously believe that they are seriously interested? Yes, they just plug your boring life YOUR time. And those who are serious - they already know.

Leaf with a diet on the refrigerator (oh, please!).

Empty talk on the phone. Have you already know what you say, so why bother ...

Thirty-three alarm to mobile. Leave alone. Then you hear it.

Nedosmotrenny Lost, one hundred, five hundred, and the torrents folder "dismantle" (or as it is called you out there) on your computer. Do not disassemble.

The habit of late - is also there too. She did not want the homeless.

Sorry about unfulfilled, unearned, unreached. About achievements and selected. At that moment it was the best choice then you. And let ...

Three hundred kilos of waste paper from old magazines, reports "meetings" and "briefings" universkih lectures - Wikipedia is now more urgent than the information.

Old chair.

Blank, unnecessary relationships.

The remains of cosmetics, hotel soap, jars, samplers, empty bottles.

Queues to the store and the savings bank - and learn to use the Internet in a new way, for the benefit.

The words "I can not", "I do not know." Read, understand, learn. Brandon Burshara I heard an amazing phrase - "If we wrap my mind around this ..." Do you have one and a half kilograms of good sdizaynennogo brain - and learn to use them, too.

Promises "How- thread call, come, bring." When it "hangs" more than a week and no one died - so it is not necessary.

Manner "concede" the fear of the fear of growing old and the new - everything, everything.

The sooner throw out the trash, the faster your life will be a new, present, and classy. This is what like.

Photos of you do not like yourself, stopyatsot SMS app "where are you?" And "the caller left a voice message," the unnecessary distribution of the mailbox habit prosirat time watching television - in the trash right now!

Breathe deeply.
Here it is the smell of freedom - you can feel it already.
You're a little bit - Walk down the street, ventilate the brain.
There's good.
There's - life.
It works.



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