First ice

In the first half of November, I was lucky enough to watch the bear family, consisting of a mother and two well-fed yearlings. Bears held near the mouth of the river Vychinkiya, which flows into the Kuril Lake, located in the South Kamchatka Federal Reserve. These animals in the presence of people continued to go about their business, so managed to peep some "seasonal" moments like this, when the bear is studying the properties of ice.

In fact, the first ice interests and excites not only animals, but human children. Every autumn, my boys, students do not miss the opportunity to crawl or run on the first thin ice each year fail and resort home wet. Yes kids - I myself can not restrain myself run about sag under the weight of human Ledkov: fail or not - and also happens to come home wet :).
That morning, I was sitting with a camera near the frozen puddles on the lake, which is itself freezes every few years only in the most severe frosts. Bear fish in the mouth of the river, and bears nothing. One of them went my way and found that the pool is covered with ice. This is his strong interest and he spent the next half hour, studying the properties of ice.



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