US brands come from Russia (15 photos)

When buying products of famous American brand, we are fully confident in its quality and reliability. However, few people know that the roots of many brands originate from the territory of the former Soviet Union and Russia.

Max Factor. The famous company «Max Factor» was founded from the south Russian Maxim Faktorovym in 1930 and still holds a leading position in the industry of decorative cosmetics. Like many celebrities, Max made his way to glory from poverty. At the age of eight he became a student dentist, pharmacist, dabbled as a theatrical makeup artist, cosmetics engaged in trade and learned the art of drawing up recipes change a person's appearance.


For twenty years, he opened his first perfume shop in Ryazan, and then, after moving to Moscow, his first shop, where, along with the usual goods sold special made manually creams, perfume and blush. This cosmetics gained special popularity among theater actors. Fame was not long in coming - Max Factor became the supplier of the Imperial Theatre, and then the royal family! In 1904, an enterprising young man went to. First, in St. Louis, and then in Los Angeles, he opens a cosmetic company with a new name MaxFactor. In 1914, he invents a new silicon base for movie stars, literally producing a revolution in the means for toning the face. World famous companies brought the idea, which was based advertising products: "Each girl with cosmetics from Max Factor can look like a movie star." And it allows Max Factor to be one of the most popular brands in the world


Hollywood (Hollywood) and Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Symbol of America Hollywood in fact was also established from the USSR. The founders of the studio «Warner Brothers» - four brothers from Belarus Voronov (aka Warner). A famous film company «Metro Goldwyn Mayer» create Luis Bart Mayer, nee Lazar Meir from Minsk and Samuel Goldwyn, nee Samuel Goldfish from Warsaw.


Chevrolet Corvette. Russian creator of the legendary American sports car "Chevrolet Corvette" Zachary Arkus-Dante was born in 1909 in Russia. In 1953, Zachary saw the prototype of the Chevrolet Corvette and the meeting had a lasting impression on him. He wrote Chevrolet chief engineer Ed Cole and his vision of what should be the future production car, attaching detailed technical calculations. The company's letter made such a strong impression that the lead engineer Maurice Ollie Zechariah invited to come to Detroit. In May 1953 Arkus-Dante came to the "General Motors" in the unit "Chevrolet", where it has developed the most famous sports car of America. On May 1953, he began his work as an assistant. Activity, racing experience and engineering skills have allowed Zacharias quickly move up the career ladder and lead the department of sports cars. Over the years, in the Chevrolet, he made an enormous contribution to the success of the brand.


Levi Strauss Jeans. The birth of the famous denim brand had a hand not only Levi Strauss, but also emigrants from the Russian Empire Jacob Yofis. In 1869 he opened a sewing workshop in Reno. To order he bought the retailer in San Francisco Levi Strauss, which has been producing for the time outlandish clothes of thick cotton fabric. One day he received an order from a woman who was asked to do for her husband, a woodcutter durable pants. Then Davis and it occurred to attach pockets with metal rivets. Seeing the innovation demand, Davis decided to patent it, to seek help from Levi Strauss. Thus began their fruitful cooperation. It all started with a letter in broken English: "The secret of these pants - in the rivets on the pockets. Demand for pants here exceeds my ability. For pants of canvas I take three dollars, and for the blue - two and a half. The neighbors are jealous of my success and earnings, so I want to register rivets patent documents. Soon studs are everywhere, they will do all and sundry, and then the money will not get any shisha.


Therefore, gentlemen, I make you this offer: you write a patent for my name, because I invented it to put rivets on pants. Expenditures amounted to $ 68 for everything. For you, this sum is paltry compared to the great improvement of working clothes. I'm using rivets on all kinds of clothing - on a coat, vest and pants. You have such clothes are good to buy up and consumption will pay off ... "James wrote about Yofis future companion Levi Strauss in July 1872. And a week later it was filed by both of them.


Checker Cab Manufacturing Co. Morris Markin was born July 15, 1893, in the city of Smolensk. The poor Jewish boy went to work at age 12, he worked as a peddler of goods in large Smolensk store, different food products, textiles and other goods. At age 19 he decided to immigrate to the United States, which has already moved his two uncles. Not knowing English and having no money (since he had a 1, $ 65), he is Ellis Island, through which millions of immigrants passed. But it does not have 25 dollars banal that it would be released from the camp for immigrants in New York, he lends them a janitor working at the Immigration Department.


In 1922, 29-year-old immigrant from the Russian city of Smolensk Morris Markin founded Checker Cab Manufacturing Co - Automobile, specializing in the production of a cab of his own design. In criminal Twenties "chekker" became the favorite car of the Chicago gangsters. The spacious cab was convenient to hide alcohol and leave for the work: 6-9 seater interior easily accommodates the whole gang. In 1956 appeared Checker A10 - the most spacious sedan America. His sanitized version - Marathon 1960 and became a legendary American "yellow taxi". By the way, the cubes on the sides of the car, he came up with it - a former resident of Smolensk Morris Markin.


The famous footwear brand Timberland - History "yellow shoes". Nathan Schwartz, gave birth to the famous shoe brand Timberland was born in Odessa in the family of a poor shoemaker in 1902. Before the start of the First World War along with his parents moved to Boston, where he continued his studies at the shoe master. Already 16 years old Nathan had to earn a living by working as an apprentice cobbler. But the prospect to work all my life salaried workers, it does not hurt, then pleased. Nathan Schwartz, despite everything, decided to radically change their fate and try to achieve something greater. His deep desire was to open my own business. In 1965, together with his sons, he came up with the technology seamless connectivity rubber soles of shoes with leather uppers, performed using a special press. They had invented a unique new technology never before used in the manufacture of footwear.


Its essence lies in the fact that with a press using a high pressure, leather uppers were combined with the rubber outsole. The use of this technology there is no need of sewing thread of the shoe upper to the sole, and as a consequence, became the waterproof shoes. Already in 1973 came the first batch of shoes, one of the slogans of which was "If you like Timberland, treat them as bad as possible." So Schwartz made history by making the products of the brand is widely popular outside the United States.


Ralph Lauren. The creator of the famous brand Ralph Lauren was the son of Frank Lifshitz, a Soviet emigrant from the Belarusian city of Pinsk. His parents were immigrants from Belarus, who met in the United States. The first success came to Lauren in 1967 after the establishment of the general pattern of the tie, as opposed to a narrow common then. In 1968, he launched his own brand of Polo Ralph Lauren, and a year later opened the first store. Now Ralph Lauren - one of the most popular clothing brands in the world.


Ralph Lauren said: "My wife has good taste and your own style. When she wore shirts, sweaters and jackets purchased in the men's stores, people are always asking where she got it. Her appearance was associated for me with the young Katharine Hepburn - rebel girl on a horse with hair fluttering in the wind. I have created a shirt for her. "


Fiction writer Isaac Asimov. Pisatel- American fiction Isaac Asimov, who wrote about 500 books, a multiple winner of literary awards and Neybyula ​​Hugo, was born in 1920 in the town of Petrovichi Klimovichi County Gomel province (now Shumyachsky district of Smolensk region) and at birth was named Isaac Yudovich winter.


Writer Sidney Sheldon. Russian ancestors has known writer Sidney Sheldon, whose real name is - Shekhtel. His novels have been translated into 56 languages ​​and published a circulation of more than 300 million copies in 100 countries, according to his scripts filmed 25 movies. The writer admitted that he sees and feels the drama just because his ancestors - Russian. And, of course, from the former "our" and the father of American aircraft and helicopter Igor Sikorsky, the inventor of television, and Vladimir Zworykin, and Alexander concept created the world's first video recorder. And it goes without saying that the list of people who have made modern America, is not the last place is occupied by the co-founder of Apple son who came from the Soviet Union and Steve Wozniak created the search engine «Google» Russian emigrant Sergey Brin - computer genius who lost Russia. And all this is only a small part of what the United States received from the former Soviet Union.




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