The world's tallest woman and her boyfriend undersized

The world's tallest teenage girl - 17-year-old Elisani da Cruz e Silva. Her height - 2, 03 meters. She lives in Salinópolis, Brazil, and meets 22-year-old guy Fransinaldo da Silva, the growth of which 1, 63 meters. Elisani suffers from a peculiar form of gigantism, was the result of a tumor on the pituitary gland. Doctors removed the tumor, but the growth of the girl in their 17, will give odds to any basketball player.
"But it's not, I chose it, it was the Lord chose him for me».

Elisani wants to be a model. About your boyfriend she says: "I was attracted to his personality, the way he communicates with people, and the way he treats me. Only confuses me is that when we go by the hand, people think that he is my younger brother or son ».

Fransinaldo works in construction. He said that his friends often ask how he hugs her, but he always says that there are no barriers to love

"She's an amazing person. Yes, it is high, but very pretty, she has a beautiful face. I did not bother her growth ».

"I feel comfortable with her, I do not care what others think».

Elisani was uncomfortable to ride the school bus, and then she left school at all because of the teasing of classmates.

"At home I find it hard to be. I get distracted and be sure to surge against the ceiling joists or head ».

Elisani lives in a small house with her sisters and mother Ana Maria Silva and Jorge Luis stepfather.

"I want it to be a normal girl, - says her mother. - I know that sometimes she was uncomfortable, and she wants to be like everyone else ».

Elisani with his mother Ana Maria Ramos and her sister Meiré.

Due to the rapid growth of the girl having frequent headaches and pain in the limbs.



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