Covers from Fargus (23 photos)

Remember disks with computer games which loomed on the cover name "Fargus."
This pirate edition, which began life in the '90s.
I want to show you how to look wheels "Fargus" today.

Despite the fact that the company has created perhaps the best time for localization, it does not become a respectable law-abiding publishing, as it was with "Akella". In addition to such glorious feats as localization Planescape: Torment and Fallout series of games the Pirates were famous unconventional approach to the translation of the names of the games. So on the collapse discs could easily find something like "asshole against traffic police", "hachey-stuntman" and "Smash the balls." Despite the fact that the company was killed, her memory lives in the hearts of older gamers.


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