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A busy week has stood out. Angelina Jolie set the tone in the form of Maleficent, the heroine of the new movie of Sleeping Beauty, which promise to release released in May. Maleficent - the evil sorceress who enchanted princess. Photoshoot was made specifically for the publication Entertainment Weekly.

Cover «Entertainment Weekly»

"Maleficent" will debut in cinema for the youngest daughter of Angelina and Brad - Vivien (pictured)

Jessica Alba in the air and a photo shoot for the March girly magazine Redbook. Playful, summer and very simple way.

Cover «Redbook»

About her husband: "On television he watches sports exclusively. Football terribly annoying - constantly being some kind of game. However, my husband says I'm dependent on Instagram, so it works both ways »

Purchase through online auctions: "I bought her hot pink table on the website Craigslist. I have a small problem - I love vintage furniture. I think its restoration and subsequent use - this is a very eco-friendly. I also found there a couple of chairs and a great medieval chest ».

Of those people who do not kiss their children on the lips: "Such are there? Why? People even allow dogs lick themselves in the face ».

Rihanna pleased shining output. Luxurious bow March Vogue simply mesmerizing. Glamor, glitter and beauty.

Cover «Vogue»

American actress and singer Lea Michele shot for April Glamour (UK). The girl presented a new collection of Paul Gael, fashion designer, who prefer Adele, Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Olsen, and also spoke about his recent loss - lover Cory Monte.

Cover «Glamour»

"We talked about many things. We talked about children and about what we will be when you are old. As we look, one of us grow fat, as we try to keep myself in shape. We talked about the places where they wanted to go and things that would like to do, but have not yet. When you find a soul mate, you can discuss everything. A feeling that I had to learn all the best in Cory, and I'm grateful for it. I think he would have wanted me to continue to live as before ».

"I have before me now a blank canvas and I myself should choose what will be my life. It's hard to go through this. At first it seems impossible, because you both physically and mentally broken, shocked. But after a while, you just get tired of the fact that you feel so intimidating. That's why I started doing yoga, I really helped. Then, gradually catching up with your mind body ».

"I was fascinated by Corey ... And I do not need a little time to understand yourself. I do not want any relationship. I believe that before entering into a new relationship, I have to be 100% sure that I was all right. But also, people have to understand that I can not be alone forever. Cory would not want ».

Unexpected, strange and almost wild onions puppet introduced Mia Wasikowska for the magazine Another, Issue Spring / Summer 2014.

Cover «Another»

And for dessert Zoe Kravitz in playful and cute photo shoot for the magazine in April ASOS.

Cover «ASOS»

Pictures in the bath - already an independent trend, living outside of fashion trends. Only the bath may be different. This time is even nothing, yellowish, merry bath.

Atmosphere more pleasing to the eye itself outfits. And it is in harmony with them.


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