Present your own hands

Near the holidays, which is accepted to give a gift. Why not please his mate (or maybe just a friend, family or colleague) interesting and not the usual gifts made with their own hands.
Especially enjoyable it will be for fans of the game Skyrim :)
We will need:
 - Skin (a piece the size of ~ 30x40 cm) \\ If the skin is not present, you can take leatherette or cloth dense homogeneous
 - Paper - 52 (plus 2-3 pieces in reserve) A4 sheet (Snow Maiden, blueprints)
 - Glue - Moment "Crystal" - an album out almost all small tube (50ml)
 - Thick cardboard for the cover, two-piece, size ~ 15h22sm (if found in stores are not successful, you can pull off a friend's accountant folder-folder greater or plain cardboard box razderebanit)
 - Thin cardboard fortsazev and spine
 - Two thin strips of cloth (can be replaced with a thin cardboard)
 - Acrylic paint on fabric
 - Thin brush
 - Pen, ruler, scissors, stationery knife, paper clips
 - Threads, needles
 - File \ needle file
 - Coffee and water
 - Newspaper.

Notepad will do with antique plates.
Previously, on the sheets you can print pictures on the theme you want (in my version - a race from the game, spells, characters, etc.). Ideally, they add transparency to be able to write on top. Well suited pencil drawings or processed in the program to convert your images into sketches.

Since the beginning of brewed coffee (I take the custard can be soluble). The more coffee, the darker the page will turn out in the end. I take 7-8 tablespoons tablespoons on 1.5l of water. Bring to a boil while stirring, remove from heat, give settle "welding».

Pour the "solution" in the pan with high sides and begin to soak page. I soaked each separately with the two sides. Next put on top. Let stand for 5-10 minutes.

Then gently pull out, too, for one, otherwise there is a risk of tearing (Snow Maiden thinner blueprint thicker, more time is necessary for soaking), allow to drain and put the coffee on sheets of newspaper spread out in advance.

Repeat the operation until the end of the white paper. I usually do 3-4 steps (intermeddle in proitven 15-20 sheets that can cover water for toning)
The first 20 sheets of paper are passed on to dry, spread on an old second batch, and so on. So antique paper dries faster.
To dry out most of the time. So, it is better to carry out this operation at night to dry for the night (if house humidity is big, can dry the whole day).
When the paper has dried, collect it in a pack, wipe with a dry cloth coffee (if something is left on the surface).
Optionally, you can page a lighter to burn \ candle (but the edges will then be spoiled a little) (!) Do not forget to comply with fire safety :) On one sheet of paper is burning well, and if once a pack - bad kindled.

Then proceed to block the formation of a notebook. Putting on 5 sheets together, align well and folded in half in a notebook. Repeat step 9 more times with the remaining sheets. Should get 10 notebooks on 5 sheets.
If the pages were printed images, making sure not to messed orientation.

Putting the entire block in place, align the sheets again and clamped at the root using paper clips. Pre for them on both sides to put a thick cardboard to paper no trace remained.

It is then that the unit has become more dense and sheets are not sought fled in all directions.
Clips can be replaced with something heavy (weight of a suitable size, stack of books, boxes of paper, a)
After the sheets are compacted, proceed to the firmware block.
On cardboard mark up "line" of 7 cells by 3 cm each. On them will make cuts.
Hold the clamps and a file \ needle files do cuts. Sufficient depth to the hole was at the very least a sheet (millimeter 3-4). This will be our future marks \ hole for insertion.

Again, remove the clips and start to flash, unlock.

Pre-need to cut two strips of fabric, approx 3 cm wide and 10-15 inches in length.
Impose them on the first notebook in the center, through one period.

Sewn from right to left on the previously chosen holes. Stretch the thread completely, leaving untouched the tip of 10-15 centimeters in length.
Sew down (inside the folded sheets), unbend notebook derive the string out, stretch out completely, but that the tip is not got, down again, at what tissue remains under the thread, and so on - until the end of the sheet. There's a good stretch the thread, holding the end of the right side.
Impose the following top notebook and continue to sew in the same way.
Only now reaching the tissues need to hold the thread crosswise

Doshivaem back to the top, tighten the thread to nowhere did not sag and do two or three bundles of abandoned before tip.
Impose a third book and continue operation. Reaching the end of the left, tighten the thread and you need to fix a bundle and then.

For this purpose, it is necessary to thread the needle in the loop on the bottom seam and tighten, you can repeat a couple of times.

Thus sews all notebooks, not forgetting to pass through the thread crosswise in front of the fabric and the fabric of output all the time upstairs.
All base pad sewn.

We look to the glue did not get between the pages and no drip (therefore, it is best to take it transparent glue)

Again we fix the entire structure clamps to sheets pressed close to each other and give dry

Until the glue dries, do endpapers
Take a thin cardboard (A4 size) in half and squeeze the glue to it list - it will be the very first and very last page, which then glued to the cover.
Pasted stained sheet is also better to be folded in half. Then will stick better.

By this time, the glue on the block sheets dried up, continue to collect "designer».
Take two small squares of cardboard, 10x7 width (enough to cover the strips of cloth), and glue on both sides of the notebook. To avoid contamination of the adhesive sheet, puts a piece of paper.

Glue, smooth

Then paste it endpapers. Here you can put a pencil on the glue, you can at the moment. Since the beginning of the adhesive sheet of notebook and lubricates it gently putting a bookend and presses, making sure the edges are smooth.

Then to the end leaf is pasted vnatyag fabric carton.

Repeat for the other side of the block.

Glued block again under the press to grab all good.
At this time, prepare the cover.
First, take a strip of cardboard 10 cm wide and 21 (the length of a future cover) long. And do pen or awl razlinovku (scoring). Along these lines (they must be deep enough, but not enough to break the board) will flex the cover spine.

Try on

Then cut two pieces of cardboard. Cover each half should protrude by 5 mm at each end of the worksheet and 7 mm to move away from the spine. On average, it turns out 15x21 cm.
Merge all three parts together.

Then, from a piece of leather cut future cover. Edges should retreat to 3-5 cm from the edge of cardboard on each side. Skin better not take a thick (0.7-1 mm)
Thoroughly grease cardboard cover, glued to the skin. It follows that there are no folds, bumps and more.

Forget the edges and fold in turn (the top two, then two side). For greater strength, you can squeeze clamps, do not forget to put a cardboard to trace is left.

When the cover has dried up, try on it to the notebook. If everything is OK - proceed to the final stage.
Lubricates both flyleaf glue, put a block in the center of the cover. Do not forget that the cover should protrude by 5 mm at each end and glue parts together. You can start with one side and then the other. You can just press the two halves of the block of paper.

Again under the press, give dry.

Voila - notebook ready.



Now it should be decorated.
Getting started drawing on the cover.
Rubbings from a template or simply draw out the cut, or come up out of your head. Who in that much :)
I draw a dragon from the game Skyrim.
First, to outline

Then painted over the full body of the dragon with silver paint.

Then a darker shade turned the crown, wings and body.

To complete the picture edge inscriptions adorn the cover of the dragon language. Dictionary can be in the internet, who needs.

We get here is such a wonderful notebook :)

Admire and look at the same time, if there were any unwanted stocks

side view

top view

Do not forget to give the selected object and get a lot of enthusiasm;)

That's all. Thank you for your attention. I hope someone come in handy this little master class :)



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